J.M.M.Adams, Mystery Author

I need to get into that place, are you with me? I asked T.J.

Yes, I agree Casey has been in there too long. I’m very worried about her. T.J. answered.

The Great Diversion A Ranger Mission

There was banging behind us and then gunfire! One of the doors in the tunnel had been blasted open!

The Great Diversion A Ranger Spy Mystery

“The decision seems to be made for us,” dad said. “Let’s close that tunnel off, we will have to take the left tunnel. Let’s count heads, I think there’s seven of us counting the dogs.”

A Ranger Adventure, The Great Diversion

“Hurry!” Yelled Ranger Joe, my dad, rushing people forward. “They broke into the tunnel we must hurry!”

The Case of the Missing Island A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Mystery

Casey called me a macho German shepherd, and insisted because you see I always insisting on wearing my body armor. You never know when it’s needed. Casey bought an RV so we could drive to Montana, and see her boy friend. He moved away while we were on our last long mission.

The Case of the Missing Island, A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Mystery

“Jackie Lee do you want to go on a walk? We can cruise out the other campers.” “Woof!” I wagged my tail, a walk, yes! You had better believe I would love that. Casey was impelled to grab my leash; it embarrassed me to have it on so as soon as she did, I grabbed it and carried it in my mouth. She was shaking her head because I was still wearing my body armor.

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