John and Mike looked around them as they stepped out of the metal box. Up the road was a small village. So they walked towards it and found a pub. (The pub that was across from Sophie’s rock.)

They entered the pub and sat down, looking at the menu, John chuckled, “Let’s have a real pub lunch my friend.” 

“Sounds fine to me.” Mike licked his lips, “I’m hungry and thirsty.”

The waiter approached and Mike ordered a cask of ale and the lunch special of crusty bread, cheese, light meats, peaches, and herbs. 

The food was delicious, John couldn’t believe how much he loved it. “No wonder Sophie stayed here, the food is more real than what we can get back home. There are no preservatives in anything.” he said as he wiped his mouth. 

“I couldn’t agree more. This is great, oh, I just thought of something, we need to stay some place tonight. Let me ask for information here.” Mike stood up and went over to the bar. 

When he came back, he had the information he needed. “We can go to Camelot, it’s a few miles down the road, there is a pub with rooms outside the castle walls. A coach comes by here in an hour, we can take that to the town.”

“Great,” John said, he had butterflies in his stomach. What if he ran into Sophie?

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