J.M.M.Adams, Mystery Author

“Honey, what did they say? Who was it?” Peter was desperate to find out what had just transpired.

It’s out and redone!! New cover, they are having fun in this mystery!!!!

IT’s LIVE on Kindle and Create Space Store!    Out on Amazon soon!!! The last one to redo. NOW for Jackie Lee’s current Mystery!!! Auntie has been kidnapped! They are about to discover something so dangerous, but fascinating Jackie Lee won’t be able to believe it.

Amazing discovery!!!! Jackie Lee and Casey Lane discovery why they are being chased when they find a major life changing discovery. Something they could lose their lives over, it’s so amazing………

It’s out with the new cover and interior!!! Don’t miss this great adventure. 2.99 kindle or 10.99 paperback.

Peter and Steve are both in love with Casey Lane! Who will she pick?🎻🎶🎻🎶❤❤❤

Coming soon….

Coming soon…

Casey answered her cell phone and her face went pale. “Yes, I understand, yes.” Casey dropped her phone.

“Casey,” Peter jumped up to go to her.

Casey looked around at everyone. “Aunt Claire has been kidnapped!”


Plus, it helped give us some fun before we pursued the trail of Casey’s grandfather being a SPY!

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