J.M.M.Adams, Mystery Author

This is the cave Casey Lane was taken when she was shot with an arrow. The crooks want something in a carousel horse she has inherited from her grandfather!!!

The Dordogne, France: Lascaux’s Prehistoric Cave Paintings


On a September day in 1940 while much of Europe was engulfed in war, four teenagers were walking through a forest in southern France when their dog fell down a hole.

As they called for it they heard an echo. Crawling in to rescue the dog, the boys discovered a cave with hundreds of prehistoric animals painted across its walls and ceiling. It turned out to be one of the world’s best examples of prehistoric art.

We followed Louis into his mansion, wow! I looked around it was beautiful inside too. We stepped onto marble floors, the walls were marble and there was a staircase with wooden steps going upstairs. I looked up, there was a chandelier hanging in the middle of a Muriel.

Woof woof!!! “Jackie Lee run!” Casey was urging me to follow her, I was trying to get a look at the guy chasing us. Good grief, couldn’t we just ever have fun and not be chased? It didn’t look that way. The next thing I felt was an arrow bounce off of my armor. I barked at Casey. She looked down at me, “Are you ok boy?” Before I could muster a bark Casey was hit in the back with an arrow and fell. I turned around and tried to fight off the interlopers. They sprayed me with pepper spray and I passed out, but not before I saw them carry Casey off.


Jackie Lee, it isn’t your fault! We will find her. Let’s wait to see what Peter finds out. Look here he comes!

Peter was right, it was going to be a cold, lonely night tonight and maybe many nights to come. I sighed again and put my head on the window sill, looking out and seeing nothing. My heart was broken.

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Casey Lane was taken….Jackie Lee needs the help of the dragons to get her back……He is heartbroken…

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