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“So, before the war he could have been in Buenos Aires with your Aunt Claire and his family; looking for German spies.

Jackie Lee wants his fans to register to vote!!!!

Casey was left without parents when both of hers had gone down in a private plane over Russia 20 years ago. Casey was 27 now, she had been raised by her mother’s parents. They lived in Friday Harbor, WA, a scenic small island in the strait of Juan de Fuca, where Casey and I had lived for a long time before we got our first big assignment to find Sophia and Kanani, what an adventure that was. Back to the attic and why we are here……Opps, Casey was calling me.

I was so happy and Casey was so preoccupied that we didn’t notice the man watching us on the bluff behind us.


Peter didn’t turn off the alarm so it was ringing and smoke was everywhere!


I watched people walk by, they stared at me like they had never seen a German Shepherd before, I smiled with my teeth showing and people started pointing and laughing.

“You’re right,” Peter said. “Casey, listen to this! This is the guy!

Adolf Hiermer, he was the head doctor at the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria! They think he might still live in Brazil with his daughter! Any of these people could be onto us to keep us quiet!” Peter read on…..


MI5 The Hidden Spy

Casey dialed and the phone rang and rang. She hung up and looked at the card. “I dialed the right number. I wonder why they didn’t pick up or no voice mail picked up?” Casey looked worried.


MI-5 The Secret Spy

A Casey Lane and Jackie Lee GSD Mystery

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The Mystery of St. Moritz LIVE!!!!!!!!

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Yep, someone dug the garden up and threw the dirt everywhere! I knew they were looking for the chest Casey found and the contents of it too.

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