The Enigma of the Carousel Horse or The Carousel Horse Enigma?

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The Enigma of the Carousel Horse

The Carousel Horse Enigma

The Carousel Horse Conundrum


The Mystery of MI-5’s Missing Treasure


A Jackie Lee and Casey Lane Mystery; The Mystery of MI-5’s Missing Treasure

Available on Audible, on sale for today only!



A New Sophia love story……

Did John make it to Camelot in time to see Sophia on her way to her wedding? Was he too late or did she marry Lamorak? 


My new logo for my websites, cards, teeshirts, and anything else.


I’m keeping WordPress

I have decided I can’t leave WordPress, even though I do have another website up at Please check it out:

Have an awesome week, Sophia is getting married to her prince in L’Azure.


Introducing Shadow Wolf

Jessie Skywalker and Harley will be appearing soon……..

Snow Day, Play Day for all Dragons!!


Shadow Wolf

Shadow Wolf, starring Jessie Skywalker and Harley

Coming soon, a new series about the Shadow Wolf’s. Jessie is a Najaho Indian and her family is hired by ICE to hunt the desert the native way and catch drug smugglers crossing into the US border. It will be an action packed story with many twists……………I found this model off Pinterest and I would love to get permission to have her as my Jessie on the cover……

Sophia's Prince

“I really like you and I would even call it love. I have since the first day I set my eyes upon you. You are all I think about and to have you show up now, well, all I can say is that God has a plan. Nothing happens as an accident.”

“ I’m very ready to be here.” Sophie whispered to Aclamet.

Sophia and the Prince

Sophia was on her way to L’Azure on Gunter. She didn’t have a clue how this would change her life forever…….

Ruger's Missing Honey

Will be published in the new year! A new one too, Ruger and the Queen is in production too.

Check out

This website will give you all the information you need for a delightful stay in Barcelona. Lots more information also! Check it out!


Will Sophia see John before she sees the Prince? Will she fall in love with the Prince?

Happy Birthday to my GSD

Ruger’s Missing Honey

Who is stealing Rugers honey? It will be revealed soon.

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