The Enigma of the Carousel Horse or The Carousel Horse Enigma?

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The Enigma of the Carousel Horse

The Carousel Horse Enigma

The Carousel Horse Conundrum


The Mystery of MI-5’s Missing Treasure


A Jackie Lee and Casey Lane Mystery; The Mystery of MI-5’s Missing Treasure

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A New Sophia love story……

Did John make it to Camelot in time to see Sophia on her way to her wedding? Was he too late or did she marry Lamorak? 

Sophia and the Dragons

“Sophia, someday the world will know your name!”

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The Stolen Children of Scotland in the 1700’s


The children are stolen under their parents noses in Scotland. The church bells are ringing in the towns and the men arm themselves against the English. It’s the English that have stolen the children. These children are on a ship to a work camp in Canada. Eventually my great-grandfather escaped with another little boy and crossed the border in Michigan. He could not read or write and when pronouncing his name they put it down wrong. That name would stay with the American family for centuries.






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Sophia and the Dragon’s of L’Azure

Will be released June 30th!!!!!


Sophia and the Dragon’s of L’Azure



OUT VERY SOON!!! There will be a sequel…..



Wizard Meuric was found outside by the dragons, he was greeting his friend Merlin, from Camelot. They were told of the treason and right away knew that they were going up against the Wicked Witch Queen, Mira! This was going to be a war of wars!


Richard was walking Titus and they happened to go by the Tournament, he looked up at the people, NO! WAS THAT JOHN? He couldn’t be sure, he hurried home to get Jennie. He told her what he thought he saw,  and she laughed. 

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