J.M.M.Adams, Mystery Author


It’s out with the new cover and interior!!! Don’t miss this great adventure. 2.99 kindle or 10.99 paperback.

Peter and Steve are both in love with Casey Lane! Who will she pick?🎻🎶🎻🎶❤❤❤


Coming soon….


Coming soon…

Casey answered her cell phone and her face went pale. “Yes, I understand, yes.” Casey dropped her phone.

“Casey,” Peter jumped up to go to her.

Casey looked around at everyone. “Aunt Claire has been kidnapped!”



Plus, it helped give us some fun before we pursued the trail of Casey’s grandfather being a SPY!


Sophia and The Stradivarius is in this book. I’m so honored!!!


Merry Christmas from Jackie Lee and the gang…….

All of us looked around the room. It was incredible! The room was decorated in antiques and collectibles, Casey passed me and started uncovering objects. All we could do was gasp when she took the first cover off the object!



Jackie Lee found an awesome old 1890 carousel horse today!!! What will Casey do with it????

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