J.M.M.Adams, Mystery Author

Can you see me on the deck?

“Jackie Lee get in here!” Casey didn’t want me jumping over the edge. Boy was this going to be fun!!!!


“Honey, we will just need to keep searching. It’s going to be a trip of a life time and who knows what will happen in South America?” Peter grinned, then helped Casey look for more options. “This is hilarious Peter! I’m texting an agent!” Casey was cracking up. “They are a bit surprised by the GSD’s coming.” LOL. “His name is Eamon. He said that Cunard or the Queen Mary 2 would be the correct ships. Let’s have a look at both of them.”

I leaned over Casey and had a look.

MI-5; The Hidden Spy

Source: MI-5; The Hidden Spy

MI-5; The Hidden Spy

Source: MI-5; The Hidden Spy

There was a big noise outside! Peter jumped out of bed, Casey grabbed her phone, “Peter it’s 2 A.M., what’s the racket?”

Peter was looking out the window that was on the side of the house; it overlooked the ocean. “Casey, someone is firing off big rocket fireworks at us!”

I just texted a real person from the UK, his name is Eamon. He helped me get the correct ship for Casey, Peter, T.J. and Jackie Lee to sail from England to Brazil! So, they are taking the Cunard or Queen Mary 2.

“That’s some heavy stuff, as soon as I can get clearance to fly, we are on our way Casey.”



“I’ll marry you, come get us baby.”

“Casey! I love you so much!

MI-5, The Hidden Spy

Source: MI-5, The Hidden Spy

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