Chapter 17

Looking over Rick’s shoulder at the timeline and plans, my heart went into my throat. I felt really nervous about this venture against my greatest enemy. Apparently there was going to be enough air in the masks that the pilot, should he choose, would not be able to kill the passengers with decompressing the cabin. Rick, Jesse and I were going to board as passengers. After take off, I was to look for a sign from Rick, then take Jesse and proceed to the back of the plane. There was a hatch behind the bathrooms that we would open and drop down into a compartment under the plane. It would be already wired for us, there would be a computer to monitor what happened above us and we would have communication with the outside world. We were to do what ever we could to stay alive and let Jackie and Colonel Mark know our whereabouts. Then a rescue mission would come in to get the passengers and us. Hopefully capturing Ron before he killed everyone and used the plane for his own means.
Rick folded up the papers and stuck them in his briefcase.
“Ok, lets get your things Ranger, there’s a jeep a block away. You and I will take Jesse and leave tonight for Moscow. Jackie and Colonel Mark will take a different flight to Moscow and go to our hideout there.”
“Ok Rick, I’m pretty nervous about this.” I said as I got up and grabbed the few belongings I owned and stuffed them into my bag.

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