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A Sophia Love Story……….


A New Sophia love story……

Did John make it to Camelot in time to see Sophia on her way to her wedding? Was he too late or did she marry Lamorak? 

Urgent message from our Lady in Medjugore from the Visionary Ivan

On Tuesday, August 12, 2014 8:35 AM, ” from Our Lady to Ivan – A Visionary at Medjugore We are asked to stop at 6.30pm every day and say three Hail Marys – how easy it this!!?? Our Mother has assisted us in the past and is waiting for us now! Thanks for accepting this request, God bless us all !! Urgent Message from … Read More Urgent message from our Lady in Medjugore from the Visionary Ivan

I want to thank everyone reading my posts and blog. Ranger will be doing more soon in his adventure. Casey Lane and Jackie Lee GSD are in another situation and I need to check them out first before Ranger. 

The Russian Spy and Gunther’s Story

Another weekend. Busy week. I need to save Ranger and Jessie the GSD in Russia! Sophia is getting married to you know who and guess what? Someone comes home and finds everyone gone ten years later! I can’t wait to see what happens!

Happy Thanksgiving from Sophia, Kanani and Gunther!

Sophia and the Dragon is up for review and will be published soon! It is revised with new material as well.

Sophia looked up to see who knew her name and couldn’t believe her eyes!   “Richard! Where’s Jennie?” Sophia asked him. He was her brother-in-law that had disappeared with her sister in Egypt some time ago. “She’s back at our tent, come on she won’t believe this.” he said excitedly taking her hand and pulling her in the direction of his tent. “How did … Read More

The Dragon and the Stradivarius

I’m editing both books and they will have a new release soon. Minor details. Whomever bought the Dragon. If you  contact me, I will send you a new copy once I’ve published it. Thank you.

Good night from Sophia, Kanani, Gunther and Jackie Lee

Sophia and The Dragon is in for editing!!!!!

Sophia and The Dragon is in for editing!!!!!

Sophia and The Dragon

CHAPTER 23              Gunther decided to take a swim. He jumped into the pool of water under the waterfalls. Kanani jumped in after and swam circles around Gunther as he splashed in the water. I was laughing so hard I doubled over holding my stomach. This at least was some relief from the stress of waiting for the rest of our team … Read More Sophia and The Dragon

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