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A Sophia Love Story……….


A New Sophia love story……

Did John make it to Camelot in time to see Sophia on her way to her wedding? Was he too late or did she marry Lamorak? 

The Russian Spy

Out of nowhere a shot rang out and just missed me. I dropped to my stomach and called to Jesse, “down boy.” Another shot hit me in the leg!

Gunther’s Story continues………….

Gunther the Dragon’s Story Continues The man got out of the cab, paid the driver and looked at the house he used to live in. He wondered if anyone was home, it was two stories made of stone. He looked around the grounds, it needed mowing. The place looked deserted, he wondered where everyone was. He didn’t want to give anyone a shock when … Read More Gunther’s Story continues………….

Sophia and the Dragon

December 24th to the 29th Kindle edition of Sophia and the Dragon will go on sale. Don’t miss this opportunity to give a nice Christmas gift to a young person that will love this book.

Sophia looked up to see who knew her name and couldn’t believe her eyes!   “Richard! Where’s Jennie?” Sophia asked him. He was her brother-in-law that had disappeared with her sister in Egypt some time ago. “She’s back at our tent, come on she won’t believe this.” he said excitedly taking her hand and pulling her in the direction of his tent. “How did … Read More

Sophia and the Dragon

Sophia screamed, but the hand over her mouth stopped her from making a noise. Jennie turned around and they knocked her out. Leaving her on the ground. Sophia was drug out of the castle into the stable then roughly thrown into a carriage. The carriage took off out of the courtyard; over the moat and down the hill out of Camelot leaving a trail of … Read More Sophia and the Dragon

Will Ranger’s Grandpa bring in Casey Lane and Jackie Lee the GSD Detective Agency to find their grandson or is it too dangerous for them?

Sophia and the Dragon

Sophia and the Dragon It’s a good rainy day to read a story. Here’s the link to Sophia and the Dragon on Kindle and Amazon. Enjoy!

By Friday Sophia and the Dragon will be released!!!!!

Sophia and the Stradivarius

http://www.facebook.com/Michele.Makinson.Author New cover and on Smashwords today. It’s being printed right now with Amazon.

Revised. What do you think? Sophia and The Dragon

Sophia and The Dragon     Sophia Anderson (From Hawaii, Port Townsend, WA and Luxembourg 2013) Nickname is Sophie. John Barnes (Sophia’s deceased husband) Susan and Kimo (Good Friends) Leila (Sophia’s niece) Jennie (Sophia’s sister that disappeared in Egypt through time travel, Leila’s mother) Robert (Jennie’s husband that disappeared with her) Yglais (Mother of Lamorak and Perceval) Lamorak (Knight of the Round Table, Knight … Read More Revised. What do you think? Sophia and The Dragon

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