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The Case of the Missing Island, Casey Lane and Jackie Lee GSD Detective Agency Mystery

Sara had come back with towels, water and some rice she had cooked for dinner. She spoon-fed him while I cleaned him off the best I could. “He isn’t very old, is he?” I asked her. “No, he couldn’t be older than a year old I would think.” Sara said. “I agree, what would make a person hurt a poor animal so badly? This … Read More The Case of the Missing Island, Casey Lane and Jackie Lee GSD Detective Agency Mystery

The Russian Spy

“Hurry,” yelled Rick to the people still on the beach dodging bullets. He ran back down off the path to the beach dragging an old woman by her coat to safety.

The Russian Spy

Out of nowhere a shot rang out and just missed me. I dropped to my stomach and called to Jesse, “down boy.” Another shot hit me in the leg!

The Russia Spy

Arriving at the house they ran into the kitchen. Peter asked what was wrong.! “We have people that look like they are Soviets in town asking merchants about a boy!”

“The Russian Spy”

I was done for the day and started walking towards the house. I didn’t know Grandma and Pierre were back. There was a car I didn’t recognize parked in the driveway. I ran to the shed and pulled out Grandpa’s old Winchester rifle and snuck up to the kitchen window

The Russian Spy

It’s live!!! The Russian Spy. Don’t miss this exciting adventure. I already have great reviews from my friends. Thank you!!!

The Adventures of Sophia and Kanani are in review and will be out soon!!!

The Russian Spy

“Let’s get everyone off the beach into the forest. This must be the other Sister Island, no one lives here.

The Russian Spy

“Good, we need help now more than ever. What an adventure,” I grinned.

The Russian Spy

We were half an hour into the flight and helicopters started appearing on our radar. Before we knew it we were being shot at, an engine stopped. “Ranger get everyone out of here, open the hatch!” Yelled Rick.      

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