Sophia and the Dragon

In an unbelievable adventure that transcends time, Sophia and Kanani accidentally fall through a portal, finding themselves in the year 1180 A.D.! Sophia tries to make the best out of a bad situation when her German Shepherd, Kanani, meets a white dragon named Gunther. Sophia never believed in dragons until now! The newly formed trio end up joining a quest with King Arthur’s Knights to save the rest of the white dragons. During an attack by another kingdom, Gunther saves Sophia and Kanani by flying them away far from danger. Now they are on their own in Northern Scotland, stranded in a time far more different than their own. In an attempt to find Sophia and Kanani, her grandfather hires Casey Lane and Jackie Lee GSD Detective Agency to go through time and find them. Will Sophia and Kanani make it back safely to Camelot? Will they ever find their way home? Will they be heard from again?/J.M.M.Adams/e/B00MFXL7ZW11715838_1120940264589411_1667555168_n

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