Davy and Dad

Davy on a motorbike

Davy and Dad

“Look Dad, look,” said Davy to Dad. Davy pointed at the motorbike that Dad was going to buy Davy. They were at the motorbike store.

“Is that the one you want, Davy?” Asked Dad, taking little Davy’s hand and walking over to the bike.

“I want up,” pointed Davy taking the pacifier out of his mouth.

Dad picked up 2 year old Davy and put him on the bike. The salesman was shocked to see that a 2 year old was getting a motorized bike.

“Sir,” said the stern looking salesman. “Your son is too young to ride a bike, I am sure.”

Dad looked at the salesman and said, “You don’t know my son Mister. He is a better rider at 2 than I am at 47. Davy needs to try this bike out, can you take it out back to the track for us?”

Dad took Davy off of the bike and the salesman walked the bike to the back saying, “If you know what your doing, sir but you will have to sign a form.”

“No problem,” said Dad, “let me sign.”

Then the salesman took Dad to the front and he read the

Paper work and signed his name. Davy had his own helmet so Dad helped him put it on and they walked out back. Davy was so excited he kept jumping up and down as they walked.


A photo of Davy on the Oset trial bike he wants his Dad to buy.

Casey Lane and Jackie Lee the GSD Detective Agency

Casey Lane and Jackie Lee GSD got a phone call early in the morning. Sophia’s grandfather wants to hire them to go through time travel and find out where Sophia and Kanani vanished with the dragon. Will they take the assignment or not?

The Russian Spy

A Ranger Adventure The Russian Spy

“Kakon-hngyab Amepnkaheu?”

I woke up startled. Someone was asking if there was an American around. I kept very still and held my breath, I heard the farmer saying no.

A Ranger Adventure, The Russian Spy

A Ranger Adventure, The Russian Spy

I was shot in the arm! I looked around and saw nothing, Jack the GSD barked and grabbed my good arm pulling me into the woods.

Casey Lane and Jackie Lee

I will be posting all updates and new stories here for Casey Lane and Jackie Lee, Sophia and Kanani, also the Ranger series. Casey Lane and Jackie Lee are my new characters, they are being introduced by going back in time to rescue Sophia and Kanani. There they will meet and then go on to their own series. This does not mean that Kanani and Sophia will not have more adventures though. I am trying to get everything I write in one area, under one wordpress account.