Sophia and The Dragon

I am trying to get a hold of the grapic artist Kerim Beyit to get his dragon for my book. I have his dragon on my web site and his playtime also. He is a talented artist and I hope to get a hold of him soon.


Lots of writing in 16 days, I can’t wait!

Sophia and The Dragon



Sophia Anderson (From Luxembourg 2012)

John Barnes (Sophia’s deceased husband)

Susan and Kimo (Good Friends)

Leila (Sophia’s niece)

Jennie (Sophia’s sister that disappeared in Egypt, Leila’s mother)

Robert (Jennie’s husband that disappeared with her)

Yglais (Mother of Lamorack and Perceval)

Lamorack (Knight of the Round Table, Knight that found Sophia he was more famous than Gawain.

Perceval (Knight of the Round Table and brother of Lamorack)

Cundrie (Witch, Accolon’s wife, cousin to Lamorack and Perceval)

Accalon (Knight of the Round Table and husband to Cundrie)

Bryn (Maid to Sophia in 1180 AD)

Afawen (Maid to Sophia in 1180 AD)

Iago (Paige in 1180 AD)

Chapter 1

“Sophie!” I heard Susan scream as I disappeared into the opening of the cave.

“Kanani, no come back don’t follow her!” I heard Leila scream, then everything went dark.

I hit the ground and rolled, I shook my head very confused but before I could look around; umph, Kanani landed on me!

“Kanani, I’m glad to see you and that you love me, can you get off of me, please?” I asked my German Shepherd as I tried to shove her to the side. She licked my face and then started jumping back and forth over me. All of a sudden she stopped and started barking. I heard a horse approaching.

“Stop barking,” I told her getting up and dusting myself off. Just as I did that I looked up and was staring into the face of a handsome Knight.

“Are you alright, Madam?” The Knight asked me.

“Yes, I think so, thank you for stopping to ask.” I looked around wondering where I was. He dismounted his horse and walked over to me.

“Who are you, where did you come from?” He asked looking as confused as I felt.

“I’m Sophia I was exploring caves with my friends and ended up here. Where are we and what year is it?” I asked.

“It’s the year 1180 of our Lord and I am Sir Lamorack de Gales of the Round Table in King Arthur’s Court. We are standing in a county of Devon, England. He looked at Kanani and bent over to pet her.

“Do you mind if I pet her?” He asked without waiting for an answer from me.

“What kind of dog is she? I’ve never seen a dog like this and I have never seen anyone dressed like you.” He finished with a gleam in his eyes.

My heart was beating so fast I was sure he could hear it. Was I really dressed in black leggings, a t-shirt, tennis shoes and talking to a handsome knight in armor that belonged to King Arthur’s Court?

“Yes, you can pet her, I’m not from this century. My dog is an Alsatian,” I said choosing my words carefully. Knowing that telling him she was a German Shepherd would concern him.

“What year are you from?” He asked looking me in the eyes.

“2013,” I stuttered.

“Did you come here on purpose?” He wanted to know looking amazed.

“No, I’m lost and want to go home now!” I told him a little unsure of myself. Then I looked back and saw the rock I apparently came through. I didn’t see any openings.

He looked behind me too. “Well, I don’t think we can get you back right now. You must come back to my Castle, I am not going to let a beautiful young lady and dog stand here all night for thieves to rob and kill.”

“Your castle? I don’t have anything proper to put on for a castle visit,” I said looking down at my clothes.

“Oh I’m sure my mother can find something your size, even though you are so thin.” He said jestingly then bent over and gently took my hand kissing it.

Wow, I’ll follow you anywhere. I thought with my heart in my throat. Thinking about how I would ever get home. I felt a bit of dread in the pit of my stomach as I looked behind me leaving my security behind.

“Will you remember where you found us?” I asked him.

“Yes, I will,” he turned to look at me, “it’s almost dark, lets get going.”

I took Kanani’s leash out of my backpack and snapped it on her collar. He walked his horse beside me leading us to his castle. Would Susan and Leila get Kimo and come find us? Oh, I shouldn’t have listened to Leila and I should have stayed home working on grandpa’s notes in my library in Luxembourg. I had to stop myself from crying, that’s all I had been doing since John’s death six months ago. I had to get over him.

“What is that you have on your dog?” He asked me interrupting my daydreaming.

“It’s called a leash,” I told him. “I don’t think it’s invented yet.”

“No, it isn’t, I have a lot of questions for you. Don’t worry,” he told me looking at my face and seeing my expression. “Everything will be ok.”

“I hope so,” I said grimly.

Then I looked around, it was lovely country and I was on an adventure. I didn’t have anything to worry about. Susan and Kimo would take care of Leila and the house in Luxembourg. It was so beautiful here and looked very different from how I remembered it when growing up and coming here on summer vacation. The farms and roads were gone, it was untouched. Being summer, the weather was nice and Kanani didn’t seem upset by our recent experience. So I might as well enjoy my adventure. It would be something else to write about when I got home.

“There’s my castle,” Lamorack said pointing to it with pride in his voice.

“Wow, it’s gorgeous!” I said with enthusiasm, forgetting my predicament. I was getting anxious to meet the people of this time and explore the countryside.

“She has been in my family many years. When my father was slain in battle it became mine, which was 5 years ago. I now take care of my mother, Lady Yglais.” He looked thoughtful.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone to know where you have come from, at least not today. My mother will wonder if she sees the way you are dressed. I will put you into a spare bedchamber right away then go find her and telling her about you, but leaving out the time travel.” He was still talking but I wasn’t paying much attention because we had just walked into the most magnificent castle I had ever seen!

I followed him to the stables where he handed his horse over to a Paige. The Paige looked at me with suspicion, but didn’t say anything. Oh, he gave me the chills with his stare. Then I followed Lamorack into the main hall of the castle; I tried looking around at everything without tripping, because we were walking rapidly. We arrived at our destination; he opened up the doors and gently pushed me inside. I looked around at the beautiful room, there was a bed, washstand and a window looking out over the moors.

“This is where you and Kanani can stay, make yourself comfortable and I will have some dresses and underclothing brought in for you, my lady. Don’t be frightened, are you?” He asked.

“Not so much frightened as concerned if I will be accepted, then there’s that little thing about how long I’ll be here.” I pinched myself, yep, I was awake this was not a dream. He saw me pinching myself.

“I don’t understand how you got here but everything will be ok, I am pleased that I was the one that found you. This will put some excitement into our lives,” he said with a bid of glee in his voice, and then he grinned turning around to walk out the door. He stopped remembering something, turned around and said, “I will escort you to dinner in two hours.”

“Great,” I said.

Then he closed the door and disappeared.

Didn’t he think I was going to try and get back home? I slipped off my backpack and looked inside to see what Susan had loaded into it that morning. I pulled out the phone Grandpa had given me for my trip to Egypt. The one where I was going to go through time and try to locate my lost sister. She had disappeared over a year ago while on an excavation trip with her husband and Leila. Leila had stayed behind in the camp that morning. They never returned to her. That’s how Leila had come to live with me in Luxembourg. I had forgotten I put it in here last night, Grandpa said it worked with time travel. Well I would have to try calling him and see if worked after I got myself cleaned up. I felt grubby and dirty; I walked over to the basin of water and washed my face. Looking into the hand mirror I sighed, I didn’t have any makeup with me. Great I was going to miss a lot of things. I was startled by a knock on my chamber door.

“Come in,” I called.

The door opened and a young lady walked in carrying ten gowns, then another one followed her carrying more clothes. They were gorgeous gowns, I couldn’t believe it!

“Look at these dresses,” I was astonished.

“I will hang them up in the closet; do you need anything else or help with anything my Lady?” The first maid asked me.

“Yes, I need to know what to wear to dinner tonight and I need some face stuff to make me pretty.” I told her.

“Afawen, the servant, put some makeup over there for you by the basin, if you need other colors let me know. There is also some lotion with it, would you like some hot water to be brought in for a bath?”

“I would love that so much!” I told her.

“Ok, my name is Bryn and we will be back soon,” but instead of leaving she walked over to the hanging gowns and pulled one out. “This blue one would look very nice on you tonight.” She said holding it out to me for inspection.

It was the most gorgeous blue gown I had ever seen. “Thank you, it’s nice to meet you Bryn, my name is Sophie.”

“Your welcome, I will be here to assist you for your stay. Then she giggled, looking down at Kanani. Can I pet her? She’s so pretty.”

“Yes, let me introduce you to Kanani.” I walked over and knelt down by my dog then invited Bryn to come over and pet her.

“Thank you,” then she stood up. “I’ll be back with your hot water very soon.” She turned and walked out of the room.

What an endearing young lady. I sighed, this might be fun but I’m going to try and call Grandpa. I knew everyone back home would be worried about us. I picked up the phone and dialed the number Grandpa had given me. It rang only once and to my great relief I heard his voice on the other end of it.

“Hello, Sophie is this you my dear?” He asked.

“Hi Grandpa, yes it’s me and I want you to know that I am so glad to hear your voice!” I answered.

Susan and Kimo called me telling me about your disappearance this morning. I’m not too concerned my dear, we’ll figure out how to get you home. What year did you land in?” He wanted to know.

“I landed in 1180 and I’m staying at Sir Lamorack de Gales castle in Devon, England. He is a knight in King Arthur’s court, can you Google him Grandpa, and let me know whatever you can find out about him?” I asked.

“Yes, dear I can do that for you. Are they treating you like the princess you are to me?” He asked. I could hear the warmth in his voice and it quieted me.

“Yes, Grandpa they are; I have 10 gowns hanging in my wardrobe that are gorgeous! Lamorack acts like I’m here to stay forever!”

“Well, this is good for you to have a little adventure. I want you to start living again sweetheart after your heartache of losing John,” Grandpa told me endearingly.

“I know Grandpa, but this is strange, oh, someone is knocking on my door; I’ll call you back tomorrow. Please let everyone know I’m ok. I love you Grandpa.” I said.

“Ok, sweetheart I will and I love you too,” then he hung up.

I tucked the phone back in my pack and hurried over to the door. It was castle attendants and they were carrying my bath water, soap and anything else I needed. They filled my tub and as they were leaving Bryn walked in.

“Well it looks like everything is set for you. Can I be of help with your bath or helping you dress?” She asked me.

“Yes, could you come back in 30 minutes and help me with the dress?” I gratefully asked her.

“Yes I can, now enjoy your hot bath.” She said as she walked out and closed my door.

“I will,” I called out after her.

Oh, I looked at that lovely bath as I peeled off my dirty t-shirt and leggings throwing them into a corner, then I stepped into the hot bath. It felt so good on my aching muscles as I relaxed in the warm water. I didn’t have much time though.  Lamorack was coming back for me soon.  So I hurriedly cleaned up and dried off. I was just picking up the dress and figuring how to wear it when there was a knock at the door.

“Bryn, is that you?” I asked.

“Yes, my lady. May I come in now?” She asked.

“Yes, I’m ready for you.” I told her and then she entered.

“How was your bath?”

“Fantastic!” I answered. “It picked up my spirit and I needed that.”

“Good,” She helped me dress then helped me apply the face color. “You look fantastic!” She said standing back and looking at me.

“Really? Thank you so much!” I said getting up and hugging her.

“I will make sure Kanani is fed, what does she eat?” Bryn asked me.

“She can eat meat and she needs drinking water. I would really appreciate that, thank you.” I said.

“Your welcome, I’ll be back after you go to dinner and take care of her.”

“Thank you again,” I said, then she left. I gave Kanani a hug; she cocked her head and looked at me.

“We’re going to be ok, sweetie. Bryn will come back with your food and take you out for potty. I love you Nani!” I buried my face in her neck.

Then there was a knock on the door, I let go of Kanani and walked over opening it. Handsome Sir Lamorack was standing there!

“Good evening,” I said, “do you like how I look now?” I asked him twirling around.

Then I really looked at him, he was so handsome in his blue linen shirt and black pants. The blue shirt brought out the blue of his eyes. Oh, I could fall for him.

“You are beautiful,” he replied, “I am honored to escort you to dinner.” Then he reached out for my hand. I looked back at Kanani and told her to be a good girl and that I would be back soon. I was really nervous.

Dinner was different than anything I had ever attended before. We walked into the dining room.

“Mother, I would like to introduce you to Lady Sophia of Luxembourg,” Lamorack held my hand up and introduce me to his mother.

I was shocked he called me that, how was I going to pull this one off.

“Very nice to meet you Madame,” I said shaking her hand.

“It’s very nice to meet you as well, let me introduce you to everyone, my dear.” She said.

“The man to my left is my other son, Perceval; next to him is Accalon and then his wife Cundrie. Accalon is my nephew and both he and his wife are staying here with us for the time being,” Yglais continued.

“Why don’t you sit here next to me on my right, dear.”

“Hello, it’s nice to met all of you,” I said, then turning to Yglais, Lamorack’s mother, “I am honored to sit next to you Madame, thank you.”

Then I sat down and we made it through dinner safely. I heard stories about the quest’s the knights had been on. Then heard about how King Arthur had called everyone into his Kingdom for a festival. Cundrie talked about what clothes to pack, then Yglais said that we should get up early because the wagons needed to be packed up. Yglais asked me if I loved children. I told her yes, that I wanted to open a school someday. She thought that was a great idea. I didn’t mean for her to think I was opening one here! We talked about that for a while, then the Paige, Iago came in and gestured for Cundrie to talk to him, just as dinner was over.

Lamorack walked me back to my room talking about what I needed to take with me for our trip to Camelot.

I opened the door to my room, turned to say goodnight and thanked him for a lovely evening.

“I’ll see you early in the morning, goodnight kind sir.” I said.

“Good night my Lady,” then he turned to walk away.

I closed the door and screamed!!!!

Sophia and the Dragon

UPdate! The attack that the knights bore will be online soon! Who survived? Did Sophia make a mistake going on this quest?

Sophia and the Dragon

UPdate! The attack that the knights bore will be online soon! Who survived? Did Sophia make a mistake going on this quest?

Good Night, Sophia and The Dragon

Good Night

Good night, Jackie lee and Casey Lane are off to find Sophia and Kanani. Gunther, Sophia, Merlin and Kanani are safe. We don’t know about the rest of the party. They are resting in the forest tonight. They will find a waterfall with a cave behind it. Merlin finds some rabbits to eat and Gunther roasts a boar. They won’t starve.

Ranger is still hiding in the woods in Russia, Davy just got a motorbike at age 2 and can ride it. All of my characters are sleeping in this world and in King Arthur’s Court. I am off to dream of dragons and how to save them.

Kanani’s Golden Caves, A Sophia Anderson Mystery

Sophia and The Dragon



Gunther turned towards the forest and slowly guided down between the trees. He let us off. I looked around. It was a gorgeous jungle.  However, I was visibly shaken, I had my sword in my hand and sat upon a tree trunk. Kanani came over and put her head on my lap giving me comfort. Gunther put his paw beside me and stared into my face. Merlin climbed a tree and looked behind us to see if anyone was coming our way. It was very peaceful here. Would the others find us? Were they still alive?

The Hidden Door changed to Sophia and The Dragon


The Hidden Door

I am trying to see if I can get permission for this photo. It is so romantic. This is how I picture Sophia on her quest with Ganther the dragon.Image

Introducing Casey Lane in King Arthur’s Court


Casey Lane and Jackie Lee the GSD




The Hidden Door Chapter 2



      Lamorack heard me screaming and came running back, he threw the door open and grabbed me. Looking around he saw what I was so upset about.

      “Who did this?” I cried, running over to my backpack. I scrambled and throwing everything out! There was no phone! It had been taken! All of my lovely dresses had been slashed!

      “I have a pretty good idea,” said Lamorack angrily.

      Bryn walked in with Kanani. Kanani ran over jumping on me and crying.

      “What happened? We were just here half an hour ago! This is horrible! Let me go get some help and we will get this cleaned up for you, my Lady.” Then she ran out of the room.

      “Thank you,” I called after her sitting on my bed. I was upset about the phone, now I was really out of touch with my world!

      Everything was cleaned up and Lamorack insisted on coming back and sleeping on a cot that he had them bring into the room. He informed me that he had to be in Camelot tomorrow and I needed to go with him.  If I could just survive until that time, I would be happy.

      I slept fitfully, tossing and turning. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Maybe when I woke up I’d be back home in my own bed.






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