Good Night, Sophia and The Dragon

Good Night

Good night, Jackie lee and Casey Lane are off to find Sophia and Kanani. Gunther, Sophia, Merlin and Kanani are safe. We don’t know about the rest of the party. They are resting in the forest tonight. They will find a waterfall with a cave behind it. Merlin finds some rabbits to eat and Gunther roasts a boar. They won’t starve.

Ranger is still hiding in the woods in Russia, Davy just got a motorbike at age 2 and can ride it. All of my characters are sleeping in this world and in King Arthur’s Court. I am off to dream of dragons and how to save them.

Kanani’s Golden Caves, A Sophia Anderson Mystery

Sophia and The Dragon



Gunther turned towards the forest and slowly guided down between the trees. He let us off. I looked around. It was a gorgeous jungle.  However, I was visibly shaken, I had my sword in my hand and sat upon a tree trunk. Kanani came over and put her head on my lap giving me comfort. Gunther put his paw beside me and stared into my face. Merlin climbed a tree and looked behind us to see if anyone was coming our way. It was very peaceful here. Would the others find us? Were they still alive?

The Hidden Door changed to Sophia and The Dragon


The Hidden Door

I am trying to see if I can get permission for this photo. It is so romantic. This is how I picture Sophia on her quest with Ganther the dragon.Image

Introducing Casey Lane in King Arthur’s Court


Casey Lane and Jackie Lee the GSD




The Hidden Door Chapter 2



      Lamorack heard me screaming and came running back, he threw the door open and grabbed me. Looking around he saw what I was so upset about.

      “Who did this?” I cried, running over to my backpack. I scrambled and throwing everything out! There was no phone! It had been taken! All of my lovely dresses had been slashed!

      “I have a pretty good idea,” said Lamorack angrily.

      Bryn walked in with Kanani. Kanani ran over jumping on me and crying.

      “What happened? We were just here half an hour ago! This is horrible! Let me go get some help and we will get this cleaned up for you, my Lady.” Then she ran out of the room.

      “Thank you,” I called after her sitting on my bed. I was upset about the phone, now I was really out of touch with my world!

      Everything was cleaned up and Lamorack insisted on coming back and sleeping on a cot that he had them bring into the room. He informed me that he had to be in Camelot tomorrow and I needed to go with him.  If I could just survive until that time, I would be happy.

      I slept fitfully, tossing and turning. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Maybe when I woke up I’d be back home in my own bed.






The Unsuspecting Spy

The Unsuspecting Spy

Fiction based on a real person and how no one knew not even his family what he really did. His wife thought he worked for the railroad, when he actually was a spy for Britain.

The Unsuspecting Spy

The Unsuspecting Spy

It was 1981 and my grandmother had just died, I was on my way to England to go through her things. When I arrived I met a cousin I had not seen since a child.  She let me in with her key and we went up to the attic of my grandmother’s little two story yellow cottage in Surrey, England. I pulled open boxes; all of them were from my grandfather that had died long ago. I knew nothing of him really; he died before I was born. My cousin and I pulled out boxes and boxes of letters and photos, then drug them downstairs. The old desk that I was never allowed to touch as a child was just sitting there in the parlor.  What was in the locked drawers? I was going to find out.  I picked up the key sitting in the metal dish on top of the mahogany desk and put it into the lock. When I opened it, my life and my cousins’ live were changed forever. This is my grandfathers’ story; he was a spy for the English government during World War 11. Why did he die with his secrets? What was he hiding from his family? Where was his other family? He told my grandmother he worked for the railroad. I read on and this is his remarkable story.

The Hidden Door


Lamorack lead the knights deep into the forest, then suddenly put up his hand for complete stillness and quiet. They heard horses riding through the Forrest. “Get your arrows ready,” he whispered.

He positioned everyone off the main path on two sides. They came closer and closer; he put down his arm for charge. The battle was bloody; many of the Dark Bandits were killed.

“Where is the child?” Lamorack commanded of a fallen Bandit with his sword ready to kill him. “I will spare your life if you can tell me where she is!”

“She is tied up a mile from here in a tree,” he spat out.

“Show me,” commanded Lamorack jerking the captive to his feet.

Lamorack followed the man leading his horse while Richard and a few knights followed. The others were waiting for their return on the main road.

“Daddy!” Screamed Leila when she saw them coming. “I’m up here.”

“I see you baby, were coming.” Richard shouted back hurrying as fast as he could.

They got there and Richard climbed the rope ladder to cut her loose.

“Oh Daddy,” she sobbed, “I was so scared.”

“I know honey, but your alright now.” He hugged her then brought her down and placed her in front of him on his saddle.

Lamorack pushed the bandit and told him to go away.

With that they caught up with the other knights and rode back to Camelot.

Excerpts from The Hidden Door

The Hidden Door



Sophia Anderson (From Luxembourg 2012)

John Barnes (Sophia’s deceased husband)

Susan and Kimo (Good Friends)

Leila (Sophia’s niece)

Jennie (Sophia’s sister that disappeared in Egypt, Leila’s mother)

Robert (Jennie’s husband that disappeared with her)

Yglais (Mother of Lamorack and Perceval)

Lamorack (Knight of the Round Table, Knight that found Sophia he was more famous than Gawain.

Perceval (Knight of the Round Table and brother of Lamorack)

Cundrie (Witch, Accolon’s wife, cousin to Lamorack and Perceval)

Accalon (Knight of the Round Table and husband to Cundrie)

Bryn (Maid to Sophia in 1180 AD)

Afawen (Maid to Sophia in 1180 AD)

Iago (Paige in 1180 AD)





Chapter 1


“Sophie!” I heard Susan scream as I disappeared into the opening of the cave.

“Kanani, no come back don’t follow her!” I heard Leila scream, then everything went dark.

I woke up after I hit the ground very confused, then umph, Kanani landed on me.

“Kanani, I’m glad to see you and that you love me, can you get off?” I asked my German Shepherd as I shoved her to the side. She licked my face and started jumping back and forth over me and then she stopped and started barking. I heard a horse approaching.

“Stop barking,” I told her getting up and dusting myself off. I looked up into the face of a handsome Knight.

“Are you alright, Madam?” The Knight asked me.

“Yes, I think so, thank you for stopping to ask.” I looked around wondering where I was. He dismounted his horse and walked over to me.

“Who are you, where did you come from?” He asked looking as confused as I felt.

“I don’t know. I was exploring caves with my friends and ended up here. Where are we and what year is it?” I asked.

“It’s the year 1180 of our Lord and I am Sir Lamorack de Gales of the Round Table in King Arthur’s Court. We are standing in a county of Devon, England. He looked at Kanani and bend over to pet her.

“Do you mind if I pet her?” He asked without waiting for an answer from me.

“What kind of dog is she? I’ve never seen a dog like this and never seen anyone dressed like you.”

My heart was beating so fast I was sure he could hear it. Was I really dressed in black leggings, a t-shirt, tennis shoes and talking to a handsome knight in armor that belonged to King Arthur’s Court?

“Yes, you can pet her, my name is Sophia and I am not from this century. My dog is an Alsatian,” I said choosing my words carefully. Knowing that telling him she was a German Shepherd would concern him.

“What year are you from?” He asked looking me in the eyes.

“2012,” I stuttered.

“Did you come here on purpose?” He wanted to know looking amazed.

“No, I’m lost and want to go home now.” I told him a little unsure of myself. Then I looked back and saw the rock I apparently came through.

He looked behind me too. “Well, I don’t think we can get you back right now. You must come back to my Castle with me, I am not going to let a beautiful young lady and dog stand here all night for thieves to rob and kill.”

“Your castle? I don’t have anything proper to put on for a castle visit,” I said looking down at my clothes.

“Oh I’m sure my mother can find something your size, even though you are so thin.” He said jestingly then gently took my hand and bent over kissing it.

“Wow, I’ll follow you anywhere.” I said with my heart in my throat. Thinking about if I would ever go home. I felt a bit of dread in the pit of my stomach as I looked behind me leaving my security though.

“Will you remember where you found us?” I asked him.

“Yes, I will,” he turned to look at me, “it’s almost dark, lets get going.

I took Kanani’s leash out of my backpack and snapped it on her collar. He walked his horse beside me leading us to his castle. Would Susan and Leila get Kimo and come find us? Oh, I should not have listened to Leila and I should have stayed home working on grandpa’s notes in my library in Luxembourg. I had to stop myself from crying, that’s all I had been doing since John’s death six months ago.

“What is that you have on your dog?” He asked me interrupting my daydreaming.

“It’s called a leash,” I told him. “I don’t think it’s invented yet.”

“No, it isn’t, I have a lot of questions for you. Don’t worry,” he told me looking at my face and seeing my expression. “Everything will be ok.”

“I hope so,” I said grimly.

Then I looked around, it was lovely country and I was on an adventure. I didn’t have anything to worry about. Susan and Kimo would take care of Leila and the house in Luxembourg. It was so beautiful and looked very different from how I remembered it coming here three years ago. No farms or roads, it was untouched. Being summer, the weather was nice and Kanani didn’t seem upset by our recent experience. So I might as well enjoy my adventure. It would be something else to write about when I got home.

“There’s my castle,” Lamorack said pointing to it with pride in his voice.

“Wow, it’s gorgeous!” I said with enthusiasm, forgetting my predicament. I was getting anxious to meet the people of this time and explore the countryside.

“She has been in my family many years. When my father was slain in battle it became mine, which was 5 years ago. I now take care of my mother, Lady Yglais.” He looked thoughtful.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone to know where you came from right now, but my mother will wonder because of the way you are dressed. I will put you into a spare bedchamber right away then go find her and tell her about you, leaving out the time travel.” He was still talking but I wasn’t paying much attention because we had just walked into the most magnificent castle I had ever seen!

I followed him to the stables where he handed his horse over to a Paige. The Paige looked at me with suspicion, but didn’t say anything. Then I followed Lamorack into the main hall of the castle; I tried looking around at everything without tripping, but we were walking rapidly towards a room. We arrived; he opened up the doors and gently pushed me inside. I looked around at the beautiful room, the bed, washstand and a window looking out over the moors.

“This is where you and Kanani can stay, make yourself comfortable and I will have some dresses and underclothing brought in for you, my lady. Don’t be frightened, are you?” He asked.

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