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Sophia and the Dragon

Just went live on Create Space!

Sophia and the Dragon

This will be out as soon as I get a new ISBN so it can go into schools! This should be out by the end of the week in paperback and kindle. Then Smashwords soon too. I love this book and the characters in it so much. I know you will too.

Sophia and the Stradivarius

This book is waiting approval and should be out within 48 hours! I’m so excited, it’s a wonderful remake of the Violin. It’s already on smashwords but will go out in paperback and kindle too.

Surrounded by a Swat Team

Friday night I lived a night of terror! I needed Jackie Lee to come rescue me. I was visiting a friend and spent the night, so we could go to a spiritual day at retreat house. One p.m. I hear a policeman say on a loud speaker, “You are surrounded, come out with your hands up or call 911.” My friend came running into my room, she said there were 20 cop cars outside. I got up and looked, a police dog was below my window, they kept trying to get the guy in the apartment below to come out or call 911. At 2:29 one swat tank rolls in. Out go swat guys in full gear, then 20 minutes later another one arrives. Ok, now it’s 3 a.m. the guy isn’t coming out and more cops arrive. My car and my friends are now being used as shields for swat guys. That was in the back of the house, in the front a tank was out there, one guy was in the tanks opening aiming a high power weapon towards the building, two more were using it as a shield and doing the same thing. To the right, men were hiding with weapons beside another apartment. Now people are coming out and watching. We can’t get out, we were trapped in the apartment with no escape. I called 911, then said to stay away from the windows and doors and hide, not to leave the apartment under any means. We would be rescued if it was safe to do so. Ok, now I’m freaking out! I don’t have my GSD’s with me or ¬†anything for self-defense, my friend hands me a stuffed bear. This nightmare kept going on, now around 4 a.m. the cops change their tune. They throw a bomb into the apartment below after smashing a window below us. They are making all kinds of siren noises, more K-9 units come in to the complex, the streets are blocked off all around us. Then 1/2 hour later they throw another one in. I thought they were shooting and called 911 again. They were getting to know me, I was told it was a smoke bomb. The cops are now saying the address, the guys name, come out with your hands up and anyone else in there so we know you are ok. This kept on every 10 minutes, lights are flashing, the fire department is there, ambulances. Then at 5:30 a woman and man call out from the parking lot, “We need to leave can we?” The cop said they were going soon. At 6 a.m. they all disappear! We drove out at 6:30 and saw all of them having breakfast, a guy in handcuffs being stuffed into a cop car. Then, when I took her home that night, cops were still all over the place. I’m so happy to be home and living on a farm. I thank the Lord no one was killed and we weren’t either. The guy could have had a bomb and blown up the place. Well, my two books are in publishing and will be out soon. Thank you for listening to my tale of woe.

Sophia and the Dragon and Stradivarius

Yahoo! Both books will be out soon, they are being published now!

The Stradivarius and the Dragon

I have been editing for two days now, trying to get the Dragon book published. The Strad is still in the works of editing and publishing. My poor GSD’s are being so good, they get lots of treats and a run before bed. I will post more updates when I can. I will be gone to a retreat all day Saturday ¬†and work at school Monday getting the room ready for September. I am very pleased with both books, the dragon book is exciting and fun. There will be many more episodes from this book when I have time. God Bless and Good Night.

Sophia and the Dragon

Out soon! It’s in editing now!

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