Free SAT. and Sun. The Violin, A Sophia Anderson Mystery

Don’t miss out on Sophia and Kanani’s next adventure. It will take you to the Eagle’s Nest in Austria, Saint Mont Michelle in France, starting in Port Townsend, WA.

Free Sat. and Sun. The Violin, A Sophia Anderson Mystery

Don’t miss out on Sophia and Kanani’s next adventure. It will take you to the Eagle’s Nest in Austria, Saint Mont Michelle in France, starting in Port Townsend, WA.

Free SAT. and Sun. The Violin, A Sophia Anderson Mystery


Don’t miss out on Sophia and Kanani’s next adventure. It will take you to the Eagle’s Nest in Austria, Saint Mont Michelle in France, starting in Port Townsend, WA.

Sophia and The Dragon


“Look up there!” Screamed Perceval as he pointed at the white dragon in the sky ahead of them.

“That’s Gunther with Sophie, Kanani and Merlin!” Shouted Lamorak.

All of the men yelled at the Dragon and sped up on their poor horses. It was too no avail; they were too far behind them and could not be heard. At least they knew they were alive and well. Now only if they could make better time.



Sophia and The Dragon




         Gunther decided to take a swim. He jumped into the pool of water under the waterfalls. Kanani jumped in after and swam circles around Gunther as he splashed in the water. I was laughing so hard I doubled over holding my stomach. This at least was some relief from the stress of waiting for the rest of our team to find us. This went on for a while then I saw Merlin come walking back from his daily watchtower. Every day Merlin walked back to the place Gunther took us when fleeing from the enemy. He climbed that same tree and watched to see if he could see any signs of Lamorak and the others. It was no different today; he looked so disheartened it made me feel bad.

         “Hi Merlin, still no sign of anyone?”

         “No Sophia, nothing. I think we should talk about taking off tomorrow and having Gunther fly us to our destination. It will take a lot longer for anyone to ride a horse or walk there, so we will have plenty of time to look for Gunther’s family. What do you think?” Merlin asked me.

         “I think it’s a good plan, Merlin. Maybe we just missed them because they didn’t come this way through the woods.”

         “True, so we need to take off in the morning. It looks like Gunther and Kanani are having a lot of fun. They deserve it.”

         “I agree Merlin. Come sit down next to me and talk. We can start dinner soon.”

         “Ok.” With that Merlin sat down next to me so we could plan our next move.

         The next morning we gathered our supplies and climbed onto Gunther.

         “Gunther let’s fly back a bit and over the road to see if we can find anyone in our party.” Said Merlin.

         “Ok, I can do that, is everyone ready?” Asked Gunther.

         “Yes, Kanani and I are all ready, Merlin is aboard too, so lets go Gunther.” I said.

         “Ready for take off, Gunther is going,” he said.

         He flew us back to the edge of the forest; we searched the ground under us and saw no one. Then he flew over the dirt road quite a ways and still we saw nothing. Then he turned and flew over the forest so we would be protected and headed for Scotland. That night we got into what we now know as Ayr; on the western border of Scotland. It was beautiful! We found a cave to sleep in. Merlin got us some food then camped that night with no fire. We didn’t want to attract any attention to ourselves. I was so happy we had not encountered any enemies. Then in the middle of the night we heard noises.

         “Shh,” said Merlin as he got up and crept out towards the cave entrance. He motioned for me to come to him. There were Trolls walking through area!


17,700 words, I had better keep going!

The Violin, A Sophia Anderson Mystery

A Sophia Anderson Mystery


                           THE VIOLIN

                                                            By Michele Makinson









          The blue sky turned dark, heavy rain came pouring down on my windows; I decided to close up my antique shop early before I heard the bell tinkle over my front door. I looked up and saw a drenched skinny woman, dressed in black dripping water all over my hardwood floors and carrying a music case.

          “May I help you?” I asked the stranger as I walked past her closing the shop door from the wind and rain.

          “Perhaps, I’m looking for a woman named Sophia Anderson. I was told she owns this shop, do you know her?” The skinny woman asked as she shook water off of her long coat.

          “Why, that’s me,” I said looking puzzled.

          “Good, I don’t have time to explain. I offered to bring tis violin to you from your grandfather. You will understand when you open it. I really must go!” She said as she walked up to my counter and placed the violin case on it. She then turned and ran out of my shop into the torrential rain.

          “Wait! I don’t know your name!” I called out after her as I chased her into outside. I was instantly drenched and my hair was flying into my face. I fought the wind and caught up with her. “What’s your name?” I shouted again.

          She turned around and said, “Rachael McFarland,” then turned the corner and disappeared.  I almost ran into someone running back to my shop. I turned to see who it was, it wasn’t anyone I recognized, but he was going in the same direction as Rachael.  I didn’t think much of it at the time because that was the way to the ferry and I just wanted to get back to my shop and dry off. I pushed the door shut against the rain and wind. Then went over to the counter grabbed a towel and dried my hair as I was reaching out for the violin. I opened the case up it was a pretty violin but didn’t look like anything special. I closed the lid, I needed to get home and I would look it over closer there. Kanani was waiting for me. She’s my pretty red and black German Shepherd. She usually comes to work with me but I left her home today.

I locked up my shop and slipped out the back door after putting on my raincoat. I walked through the alley and made a dash for my car parked in the lot at the end of the road. I was shivering by the time I got there; I got in and turned up the heat. I looked at my watch, it was too early to call John, my husband; he was in Hawaii and Washington State was 3 hours ahead in time. I decided to call him later.

RING, RING, I grabbed my cell phone out of my purse.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi Sophie, it’s me, Susan. Do you want some company tonight? With the guys in Hawaii I thought I could grab a pizza, salad and some wine then bring them over and spend the evening with you and Kanani.”

“That’s a great idea, Susan!” I’m hungry, wet and cold. I’m on my way home now; I’ll see you there. I can’t wait for you to come over so I can tell you about my strange encounter this afternoon.”

“A strange encounter? You have my curiosity intrigued. I can’t wait to hear what happened, see you soon.” Susan said hanging up the phone.

I started driving but had a weird feeling about this violin. If it had not been raining so hard, I would have noticed a car following me.

Sophia and The Dragon




         Yglais and Afawen the maid waived goodbye to all of them as they took off for Scotland looking for the lost party.

         There were so many of them that it looked like all of Camelot had left. Yglais was sad to see them all depart, but she prayed her sons would be found alive.





Sophia and The Dragon





“Are you thinking what I am Jackie Lee?” Grandpa asked him after they were back at the Monastery sitting around the fireplace after a big dinner.

“Arf,” said Jackie Lee giving Grandpa a high five.

“Well, I feel the same way. Let’s go pack, we’re going to go find them tomorrow boy!” With that Grandpa jumped up and Jackie Lee took off after him. 

Sophia and The Dragon

“Yes, we have some horses that didn’t run off. We need to get them and ride as far as we can tonight.” Lancelot answered.

They mounted the horses; the doves had all flown out of the bag Merlin had them in. So when they all arrived in Camelot together with no message perhaps King Arthur would send more men to help them. They couldn’t worry about that now, they needed to find Sophia and Gunther. Where did that dragon take them?




Sophia and The Dragon

Gunther turned towards the forest and slowly guided down between the trees. He let us off. I looked around. It was a gorgeous jungle.  However, I was visibly shaken, I had my sword in my hand and sat upon a tree trunk. Kanani came over and put her head on my lap giving me comfort. Gunther put his paw beside me and stared into my face. Merlin climbed a tree and looked behind us to see if anyone was coming our way. It was very peaceful here. Would the others find us? Where they still alive?




Did I say FREE??? YES, Kanani’s Golden Caves, FREE today

Kanani, my German Shepherd, dropped something heavy on my foot. “Ouch!” I said. I looked up from wiping down the tables outside my small grocery store and saw my niece Leila in hot pursuit of her. I leaned over


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