J.M.M.Adams, Mystery Author

LOUIS RAN into the house, “Simon? Simon?” He looked behind him at Peter. “Be careful!”

We must send a party of dragons to get the black dragons, the Dwarves, Elves and Wizards to tell them of our danger. For if men take our land, they will eventually take their land as well.

There was a greedy king in the land of Azure; this was the most desirable land in the Kingdom because there was gold in the mountains. The only problem was the river  dividing L’Azure, and dragons lived on the untouched part of the land. Their land was unmarked with beautiful mountains, trees, greenery and caves for the dragons to live in. They were white dragons and very peaceful, the men of L’Azure were not afraid of them. They should have been, because this is what happened……..

Simon had the real carousel horse put in the basement in a locked cabinet, just to be safe. Here is a map of where we are now.

The Mystery of MI-5’s Missing Treasure (A Casey Lane & Jackie Lee GSD Mystery) Kindle Edition

Peter’s face went white as he read the letter, that made me scared and I whined

It is supposed to be the map of where to find the hidden jewels that were stolen out of the Vatican in the 1100’s. Not only is it an exciting find but the Vatican will get these treasures back, I look for things out of the ordinary to find and return. This could be the shroud of Jesus that we find, or it could be one of the Apostles or a Saint’s jewels, a famous rosary, there are many treasures that are misplaced or missing.

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