J.M.M.Adams, Mystery Author

“Hello is that you Jackie Lee?” A voice asked.

I looked around, it was pitch dark in this cave, did someone call my name.

We heard a gunshot! “Oh no! They shot the priest!” Casey was getting panicked.

“Hurry, Casey, we’re trapped, they’re outside.” Peter urged her to try the necklace she had found.

Casey moved the dial on the necklace and all of a sudden, a light shot out in a circle around us! We were traveling through time!!!!!

We got to the sub and someone grabbed me by the neck and put me into the hatch, Casey was forced in after me. We both huddled together.

Peter and Casey told them what had been happening, what we believed, but they left out the part about the map and a treasure, they even left out that Aunt Claire was kidnapped. I covered my face, I couldn’t stand all of this.

I wished I was back with Captain.

See T.J., didn’t I say I had a bad feeling? Yikes, why did I have to feel that way. Did I cause it?

       Jackie Lee, it isn’t your fault, you just have good premonition. You’re a detective like Casey in every way.

All of a sudden there was an explosion from the ship! The front end exploded and the boat started sinking!!!!

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