J.M.M.Adams, Mystery Author

MI-5; The Hidden Spy

Source: MI-5; The Hidden Spy

MI-5; The Hidden Spy

Source: MI-5; The Hidden Spy

There was a big noise outside! Peter jumped out of bed, Casey grabbed her phone, “Peter it’s 2 A.M., what’s the racket?”

Peter was looking out the window that was on the side of the house; it overlooked the ocean. “Casey, someone is firing off big rocket fireworks at us!”

I just texted a real person from the UK, his name is Eamon. He helped me get the correct ship for Casey, Peter, T.J. and Jackie Lee to sail from England to Brazil! So, they are taking the Cunard or Queen Mary 2.

“That’s some heavy stuff, as soon as I can get clearance to fly, we are on our way Casey.”



“I’ll marry you, come get us baby.”

“Casey! I love you so much!

MI-5, The Hidden Spy

Source: MI-5, The Hidden Spy

It was a cute little cottage in Tintagel, about an hour south of Devon, it sat overlooking a bluff. Cornwall was beautiful! It was a stone cottage with a thatched roof, it was surrounded by a rock fence, and there were red, yellow, violet, well, just about every flower color in the garden. Casey said they were wild flowers. The front door was a red wooden door, there were windows on both sides of the front, then around the side by the kitchen, there was a huge window. Probably so you could look at the view.

“Honey, what did they say? Who was it?” Peter was desperate to find out what had just transpired.

It’s out and redone!! New cover, they are having fun in this mystery!!!!

IT’s LIVE on Kindle and Create Space Store!    Out on Amazon soon!!! The last one to redo. NOW for Jackie Lee’s current Mystery!!! Auntie has been kidnapped! They are about to discover something so dangerous, but fascinating Jackie Lee won’t be able to believe it.

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