J.M.M.Adams, Mystery Author

I need to get into that place, are you with me? I asked T.J.

Yes, I agree Casey has been in there too long. I’m very worried about her. T.J. answered.

The Great Diversion A Ranger Adventure

Baron barked!

“No boy,” I commanded bending over to quiet him.

“Listen,” said Rick. I hear a noise above the ground.

The Great Diversion A Ranger Spy Mystery

“The decision seems to be made for us,” dad said. “Let’s close that tunnel off, we will have to take the left tunnel. Let’s count heads, I think there’s seven of us counting the dogs.”

The Great Diversion A Ranger Adventure

There was banging behind us and then gunfire! One of the doors in the tunnel had been blasted open!

A Ranger Adventure, The Great Diversion

“Hurry!” Yelled Ranger Joe, my dad, rushing people forward. “They broke into the tunnel we must hurry!”

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