J.M.M.Adams, Mystery Author

The Great Diversion A Ranger Adventure

Baron barked!

“No boy,” I commanded bending over to quiet him.

“Listen,” said Rick. I hear a noise above the ground.

The Great Diversion A Ranger Adventure

There was banging behind us and then gunfire! One of the doors in the tunnel had been blasted open!

A Ranger Adventure, The Great Diversion

“Hurry!” Yelled Ranger Joe, my dad, rushing people forward. “They broke into the tunnel we must hurry!”

The Case of the Missing Island A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Mystery

Casey called me a macho German shepherd, and insisted because you see I always insisting on wearing my body armor. You never know when it’s needed. Casey bought an RV so we could drive to Montana, and see her boy friend. He moved away while we were on our last long mission.

The Case of the Missing Island A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Mystery

Casey eased our new motorhome into the slot and hooked up our utilities. She pulled out the grill and threw some steaks on it for herself and moi! Yes, me, Jackie Lee!

Another excerpt from the New Story of Ranger……. any name suggestions from anyone??????

“Yes, I’ll arouse dad, come with me.” I commanded, turning on my heels to run back up stairs and arouse my family. Dad was already out of his room shouting at me to get dressed.


“Get ready Ranger, I’ll help Pierre get Grandma and Grandpa ready.”


“Ok, Dad, I’ll be right out.”


I ran into my room Baron bounding behind me. I grabbed his bag and mine after I got dressed. I looked around the room, it would probably be the last time I saw this room, if ever again. I looked at Baron and gave him an ear rub.


Jackie Lee and Casey Lane update

More adventures and stories to come. I can’t believe what is happening right now with Jackie Lee and Casey Lane! I will share soon.

I’m very busy with my day job right now and the farm.  Last year I was hurt very badly and I’m dealing with that right now, I have been for 7 months. So keep looking for new posts on Casey Lane plus more books!!!!!

Stay safe on Halloween!!!!!!!

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