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The Mystery of the Carousel Horse

“Wow! There it is on the hill! It is gorgeous! Too bad it had to get destroyed.” Casey looked sad. “Hmm, too bad we can’t change history.” “Haha, that would be awful Casey! You know we can’t tamper with history, only God can do that. Come on, let’s enjoy our stay.”


Castle on a hill in the Rivera

A beautiful place, I believe Jackie Lee and Casey Lane will be traveling through here soon.


A great road trip to an old old city built of stone. The US soldiers came here and were hidden in WW 2 and you can just imagine what was going on in the town.

The Great Diversion A Ranger Adventure

Baron barked! “No boy,” I commanded bending over to quiet him. “Listen,” said Rick. I hear a noise above the ground.

Jackie Lee weeps with Casey Lane over senseless cop killings. Jackie Lee is a cop, he doesn’t understand. He gives his life to save others. “When will it stop?” asks Jackie Lee?

The New Ranger Adventure, but I need help with inspiration for a name. A new excerpt…….

Dad came running out of his room fully dressed. “Get dressed Ranger, I’ll help Pierre get Grandma and Grandpa ready.”   “Ok, Dad, I’ll be right out.”   I ran into my room Baron bounding behind me. I grabbed his bag and mine after I got dressed. I looked around the room, it would probably be the last time I saw this room, if … Read More The New Ranger Adventure, but I need help with inspiration for a name. A new excerpt…….

Jackie Lee might have another case to solve.

Jackie Lee is so busy getting cases he doesn’t have time to do all of them at once. So, he is doing one at a time……….The Lost Island, then does he do the missing girl,  stolen Mustang, what?????

Look for some more exciting adventures with Casey Lane and Jackie Lee. Then what happens to Sophia, Kanani and Gunther? Is there more? Of course! Keep your eyes open for updates.

The Russian Spy

The Russian Spy. via The Russian Spy.

The Russian Spy

I hope to be working on this tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what happens! How about you?

A thought for the night.

I love writing, I just need the time to do it. Not too long and school will be out for the summer. Hopefully Ranger will be on his mission and come out of it alive! Kanani’s Golden Caves is now .99 for a few more days, then Sophia and the Stradivarius will go up for .99 for a week. I have a story to … Read More A thought for the night.

The Unsuspecting Spy

The Unsuspecting Spy It was 1981 and my grandmother had just died, I was on my way to England to go through her things. When I arrived I met a cousin I had not seen since a child.  She let me in with her key and we went up to the attic of my grandmother’s little two story yellow cottage in Surrey, England. I … Read More The Unsuspecting Spy

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