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I’m in France with my beloved kids.


Eamon’s Dragon

The Elves were holding a meeting, Meuric the Wizard had just arrived with news.


The Dragon and the Prince of L’Azure There was a greedy king in the land of L’Azure; this was the most desirable land in the Kingdom because the mountains were filled with unblemished gold. The only problem was that there was a river dividing L’Azure into two parts. The dragons had the unblemished mountains, their land was unmarked with beautiful trees and big caves … Read More


The Mystery of MI-5’s Missing Treasure

Kindle book sale ends in 2 days!!! Don’t miss the promotion of an exciting mystery!!! Sandy Island Mystery starts April 14the on Amazon USA, MI-5 is on sale in the UK starting April 14th!!! St. Moritz starts April 22 in the US and April 29th in the UK. Sophia and the Dragon starts May 5th in the US and UK.

The Mystery of Sandy Island…….A Jackie Lee GSD Mystery

The Mystery of Sandy Island…….A Jackie Lee GSD Mystery.

July 4th – July 11th Big Kindle Sale!!!!!!!

July 4th – July 11th Big Kindle Sale!!!!!!!.

The Great Diversion A Ranger Adventure

Baron barked! “No boy,” I commanded bending over to quiet him. “Listen,” said Rick. I hear a noise above the ground.

Sophia and Kanani’s story with Gunther the dragon continues……..

She was so excited for tonight. This was the night she was going to say yes to Lamorak. She waited over ten years to remarry, it’s actually been eleven years since John’s death, Sophia thought.

The Case of the Missing Island A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Mystery

Casey called me a macho German shepherd, and insisted because you see I always insisting on wearing my body armor. You never know when it’s needed. Casey bought an RV so we could drive to Montana, and see her boy friend. He moved away while we were on our last long mission.

The Case of the Missing Island, A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Mystery

“Jackie Lee do you want to go on a walk? We can cruise out the other campers.” “Woof!” I wagged my tail, a walk, yes! You had better believe I would love that. Casey was impelled to grab my leash; it embarrassed me to have it on so as soon as she did, I grabbed it and carried it in my mouth. She was … Read More The Case of the Missing Island, A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Mystery

Jackie Lee might have another case to solve.

Jackie Lee is so busy getting cases he doesn’t have time to do all of them at once. So, he is doing one at a time……….The Lost Island, then does he do the missing girl,  stolen Mustang, what?????

It’s Live!!! The Adventures of Sophia and Kanani

Just out!!!! The Adventures of Sophia and Kanani.

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