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Aslan the guardian puppy


Shadow Wolf

Shadow Wolf, starring Jessie Skywalker and Harley Coming soon, a new series about the Shadow Wolf’s. Jessie is a Najaho Indian and her family is hired by ICE to hunt the desert the native way and catch drug smugglers crossing into the US border. It will be an action packed story with many twists……………I found this model off Pinterest and I would love to … Read More Shadow Wolf


Sophia and the Dragons

Sophia and the Dragons, plus Sophia and the Dragon’s of L’Azure. A sell out!!!!

The Stolen Children of Scotland in the 1700’s   The children are stolen under their parents noses in Scotland. The church bells are ringing in the towns and the men arm themselves against the English. It’s the English that have stolen the children. These children are on a ship to a work camp in Canada. Eventually my great-grandfather escaped with another little boy and … Read More



John and Mike looked around them as they stepped out of the metal box. Up the road was a small village. So they walked towards it and found a pub. (The pub that was across from Sophie’s rock.) They entered the pub and sat down, looking at the menu, John chuckled, “Let’s have a real pub lunch my friend.”  “Sounds fine to me.” Mike … Read More


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“We can go to Camelot, it’s a few miles down the road, there is a pub with rooms outside the castle walls. A coach comes by here in an hour, we can take that to the town.” “Great,” John said, he had butterflies in his stomach. What if he ran into Sophie?


She waved and then turned around to go into her cave. Kanani was trotting beside her very happy and tired. 


A Jackie Lee and Casey Lane Mystery; The Mystery of MI-5’s Missing Treasure

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Sophia and the Dragons of L’Azure

These dragons and men were her family now, how could she go home? She didn’t know what her future would bring or how she would ever tell this prince beside her where she was really from.

The Mystery of M-I 5’s Missing Treasure


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