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Introducing Casey Lane in King Arthur’s Court


The Hidden Door

  Lamorack lead the knights deep into the forest, then suddenly put up his hand for complete stillness and quiet. They heard horses riding through the Forrest. “Get your arrows ready,” he whispered. He positioned everyone off the main path on two sides. They came closer and closer; he put down his arm for charge. The battle was bloody; many of the Dark Bandits … Read More The Hidden Door

Excerpts from The Hidden Door

The Hidden Door     Sophia Anderson (From Luxembourg 2012) John Barnes (Sophia’s deceased husband) Susan and Kimo (Good Friends) Leila (Sophia’s niece) Jennie (Sophia’s sister that disappeared in Egypt, Leila’s mother) Robert (Jennie’s husband that disappeared with her) Yglais (Mother of Lamorack and Perceval) Lamorack (Knight of the Round Table, Knight that found Sophia he was more famous than Gawain. Perceval (Knight of … Read More Excerpts from The Hidden Door

Excerpts from The Russian Spy

We all ducked; there was Sam, Jessie, and Rick, my dad, Tatyana and myself. The rest of the team Jim, Tom, Jack and Mike were on the chopper coming in to pick us up. It landed, Mike and Jack jumped out to help us all aboard. Another chopper flew over spraying the area with gunfire. A hut caught on fire; workers were scrambling to … Read More Excerpts from The Russian Spy

Chapter 6 The Russian Spy

CHAPTER 6   Rick cracked open the kitchen door. “Who’s there?” Rick shouted. A shot was fired in our direction. That set things in motion. Rick and I slipped outside. Rick motioned for me to go left, then he went right. He shot his gun into the dark and hit the headlights, they fired back and I shot in the direction of the gunfire. … Read More Chapter 6 The Russian Spy

Good Night

Good Night Good night to all of my friends and followers. Thank you for you being so kind with your comments. Jackie Lee  the GSD and Casey Lane are off to find Sophia and Kanani. Come to find out that Sophia and Kanani went off with the dragon, Merlin and Knights; of course with King Arthur’s blessings. They are on a quest to find more … Read More Good Night

Good Night Good night, Jackie lee and Casey Lane are off to find Sophia and Kanani. Ranger is hiding in the woods in Russia, Davy just got a motorbike at age 2 and can ride it. All of my characters are sleeping in this world and in King Arthur’s Court. Posted on April 30, 2013. Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment | Edit A Ranger Adventure, The Russian Spy I … Read More

Casey Lane and Jackie Lee the GSD Detective Agency

Casey Lane and Jackie Lee GSD got a phone call early in the morning. Sophia’s grandfather wants to hire them to go through time travel and find out where Sophia and Kanani vanished with the dragon. Will they take the assignment or not?

The Russian Spy

A Ranger Adventure The Russian Spy “Kakon-hngyab Amepnkaheu?” I woke up startled. Someone was asking if there was an American around. I kept very still and held my breath, I heard the farmer saying no.

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