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The Russian Spy

  The Russian Spy A Ranger Adventure       CHAPTER 1   Prelude: The woman reached over and sipped her water then lay back down in bed. Her baby was sleeping next to her; she reached over and traced her fingers over his beautiful face. She named him Ranger after her husband and his father. Big Ranger had gone on the mission without … Read More The Russian Spy

Sophia and the Dragon

Live on Create Space! In an unbelievable adventure that transcends time, Sophia and Kanani accidentally fall through a portal, finding themselves in the year 1180 A.D.! Sophia tries to make the best out of a bad situation when her German Shepherd, Kanani, meets a white dragon named Gunther. Sophia never believed in dragons until now! The newly formed trio end up joining a quest … Read More Sophia and the Dragon

The Stradivarius and the Dragon

I have been editing for two days now, trying to get the Dragon book published. The Strad is still in the works of editing and publishing. My poor GSD’s are being so good, they get lots of treats and a run before bed. I will post more updates when I can. I will be gone to a retreat all day Saturday  and work at … Read More The Stradivarius and the Dragon

My Books

My Books. via My Books.

Sophia and the Dragon Cover Released Soon

Sophia and the Stradivarious

SOPHIA and the STRADIVARIOUS A Sophia and Kanani Adventure By Michele Makinson CHAPTER ONE The blue sky turned dark and heavy rain pelted down on my windows. I decided to close my antique shop early today, because of the weather. I heard the bell tinkle over my front door and looked up. I saw a drenched woman standing there with a violin case. The … Read More Sophia and the Stradivarious

Sophia and the Dragon Book Released Soon

Sophia and the Dragon Cover Released Soon

Free Book TODAY ONLY “Kanani’s Golden Caves”

Free Book Sunday all Day Kanani’s Golden Caves

Sophia and The Dragon Chapters 1 and 2

CHAPTER ONE “Sophie!” Susan scream as Sophia disappeared into the opening of the cave. “Kanani no! Come back don’t follow!” Leila screamed. It was too late; Kanani had already followed Sophia through the portal. It was dark for Sophia going through but; before she knew it she hit the ground and lost her balance.  She didn’t know what had happened to her so she … Read More Sophia and The Dragon Chapters 1 and 2

FREE Today Only!! The Violin, A Sophia Anderson Mystery

[contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][/contact-form] Don’t miss out on Sophia and Kanani’s next adventure. It will take you to the Eagle’s Nest in Austria, Saint Mont Michelle in France, starting in Port Townsend, WA.

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