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Will Sophia see John before she sees the Prince? Will she fall in love with the Prince?

Happy Birthday to my GSD

Ruger’s Missing Honey

Who is stealing Rugers honey? It will be revealed soon.

Knightwing the Dragon

In Sophia’s next book, this will be the new Guardian Dragon! Meet Nightwing.

Ruger the Bear and the Missing Honey

Missing honey, a hungry bear! Who is stealing the honey?


Sophia and the Dragons

Sophia and the Dragons, plus Sophia and the Dragon’s of L’Azure. A sell out!!!!

Sophia and the Dragons

“Sophia, someday the world will know your name!”

My new website:

The Stolen Children of Scotland in the 1700’s   The children are stolen under their parents noses in Scotland. The church bells are ringing in the towns and the men arm themselves against the English. It’s the English that have stolen the children. These children are on a ship to a work camp in Canada. Eventually my great-grandfather escaped with another little boy and … Read More





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