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Sophia and the Dragons of L’Azure

Sophia and Gunther are off to help save the Kingdom of L’Azure. Little does she know that her long lost love might show up and she is marrying a Knight!


Sophia and the Red Dragon

The Dragons of L’Azure Teyrnon and Machel took flight. As they got near the forest, they saw men with horses hiding behind the trees. When the men saw the dragons, they shot off arrows at them. 


The Dragon’s of L’Azure

A Love Story They followed Ddraig to her cave, over the beautiful cliff above the Irish sea. 


“Sophie, I have a feeling that this is the night that Lamorak is going to ask you for your hand in marriage. He’s waited ten years, you told him ten years you had to wait to marry. John has not returned, so tonight if he asks you, say yes when he asks. That poor man has waited so long for you to marry him. … Read More




Collioure was a place Casey fell in love with. I knew in my heart that we would be back here.


The Carousel Mystery

BACK AT HOME, Scott couldn’t get ahold of his dad. This is the story Captain told us eventually.              “Captain, I just called the last place Dad went to, they haven’t heard from any of them for weeks! Weeks! We have to get on a plane and go to France. I’m booking a flight as I talk to you pup.” Scott looked at Captain and then … Read More The Carousel Mystery

Horned Dorset Sheep

Yesterday I meet some awesome people and sheep. This is their website, I will be in the breed up program for Swiss Valais Blackfaced Sheep.


As they got closer to the landing, Sophie held her breath, it was so beautiful


E Books

My ebooks are moving over to Digital 2 Direct. They will be available everywhere. The Mystery of St. Moritz and Kanani’s Golden Caves have moved today.

Author Signing Kitsap Mall

Change CoverNOV24 Kitsap Mall Author Signing Public · Hosted by J M M Adams, Mystery Author · 2 co-hosts pending [?]

Eglon Historic School House Bazaar Dec. 1, 2018 (9 to 5)

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