J.M.M.Adams, Mystery Author

The Great Diversion A Ranger Adventure

There was banging behind us and then gunfire! One of the doors in the tunnel had been blasted open!

The Case of the Missing Island A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Mystery

Casey called me a macho German shepherd, and insisted because you see I always insisting on wearing my body armor. You never know when it’s needed. Casey bought an RV so we could drive to Montana, and see her boy friend. He moved away while we were on our last long mission.

The Case of the Missing Island A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Mystery

Casey eased our new motorhome into the slot and hooked up our utilities. She pulled out the grill and threw some steaks on it for herself and moi! Yes, me, Jackie Lee!

The Case of the Missing Island A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Mystery

She hurriedly pulled out and we tried another one on the other end of town. There was still space, so Casey paid for two nights. We needed some shuteye after our adventure. I sure missed Kanani, but I really missed Gunther, Sophia and Kanani’s Dragon too. Yes, a real dragon, but that’s another story.

The Case of the Missing Island, A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Mystery

“Jackie Lee do you want to go on a walk? We can cruise out the other campers.” “Woof!” I wagged my tail, a walk, yes! You had better believe I would love that. Casey was impelled to grab my leash; it embarrassed me to have it on so as soon as she did, I grabbed it and carried it in my mouth. She was shaking her head because I was still wearing my body armor.

Jackie Lee and Casey Lane update

More adventures and stories to come. I can’t believe what is happening right now with Jackie Lee and Casey Lane! I will share soon.

I’m very busy with my day job right now and the farm.  Last year I was hurt very badly and I’m dealing with that right now, I have been for 7 months. So keep looking for new posts on Casey Lane plus more books!!!!!

Stay safe on Halloween!!!!!!!

“The Russian Spy”

I was done for the day and started walking towards the house. I didn’t know Grandma and Pierre were back. There was a car I didn’t recognize parked in the driveway. I ran to the shed and pulled out Grandpa’s old Winchester rifle and snuck up to the kitchen window

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