The Shadow Wolves ​​​​​​Series


​Jessie Skywalker tried to have patience as she hid behind a rock with her German shepherd, Harley. They were on a mission to stop the group of thieves stealing Mustangs out of New Mexico, and then selling them for a profit to South American brokers. Jessie and Harley were part of the Shadow Wolves, an elite group of Native American trackers. They had branched out living in New Mexico from the main group in Arizona. Her father had been part of that group, then returned to New Mexico and trained Jessie and her brothers. They were hired by the B.L.M. (Bureau Land Management), to stop the theft of wild horses. The B.L.M. Is the only agency that can sell the mustangs, they tag, vaccinated, and care for 40,000 mustangs in multiple states. 

​Finally, a truck drove past her, she counted two men in front. Jessie picked up her radio and whispered, “2 coyotes.”

​“On our way,” Bobby, “stay in position,”  Jessie’s older brother told her.

Pretty soon trucks pulled in behind the truck and trailer, one truck blocked the front of it. Jessie stepped out behind the rock, and pointed her rifle at the men in the cab of the truck. One of the men opened his door and shot at Jessie, she dodged just in time and fired back. Jessie hit him in the right shoulder. The other man put his hands in the air, he spoke no English and looked scared. John jumped out of his Jeep and ran after the shot man trying to run away, caught him and cuffed him. Bobby called into the B.L.M. to come pick up these guys, Jordan cuffed the guy with his hands up and put him into the back of his truck. 

​Jordan then ran over to check on Jessie and Harley, “Are you ok? Did he shoot you?”

​“He just missed me, I’m glad you guys were so quick. I didn’t know they would give up so fast.” Then Jessie leaned over and scratched her dog. Harley wagged his tail. 

​“Let’s get out of here and go home for dinner,” Bobby came over and said, “The Calvary just arrived and they will take these guys and their truck and trailer too.”

​“Sounds good to me,” Jessie said.

​“I’ll finish up with them, you guys go home, tell Mom I will be soon,” Then John walked away to finish up paperwork. 

​Jessie and Harley pulled up in front of her parents log cabin, this is where they grew up and where the office of Shadow Wolf is.

​“Hi Mom,” Jessie walked into the kitchen and kissed her mom on the cheek. 

​“Good Evening honey, after you wash up can you please toss the salad?” Aiyana asked her daughter.

​“No problem,Mom.” Jessie replied. 

Harley walked over and sat near Jessie’s dad, Kiaan, “How was your day boy?” 

Harley wagged his tail and gave Kiaan a paw. “Well I guess pretty good, you caught the bad guys. Let’s go find your dinner.” Kiaan stood up and walked into the kitchen, he washed up as he talked to his daughter. 

Jessie pulled out Harley’s dish and put his food in it, then served him. She knew her dad and the men would give him some steak at dinner. 

​Dinner was over, and talk was winding down, but Jessie could see something was on her parents mind. 

​“Are you going to keep us in suspense or tell us?” Jessie asked, her brothers looked at her agreeing. 

​Jordan stood up, “I’ll excuse myself and see all of you tomorrow, thank you for dinner.”

​“Have a good evening, Jordan, you are welcome for dinner anytime.” Aiyana said warmly, standing up going over to wrap some dessert for him to take home.

​“Let’s meet here at 9 A.M. tomorrow,” Kiaan said. 

​“Thank you  and thanks for the desert too,  I’ll see you at 9, good night,” Jordan walked towards the door. Everyone said goodnight to him.

​After he left, Aiyana turned towards her kids, “ There is something we need to discuss. We should have done it years ago, but we thought we could shield all of you from it.”

​“Shield us from what? We are all adults now.” John said, indignantly. 

​“I know, it was wrong,” turning towards Jessie, her mom took her hands.

​“Jessie, Just hear us out, ok?” She waited for Jessie to agree. “You are adopted, we got you when you were just a baby.” Aiyana held her hands tighter. “Your parents were captured by hunters, we searched for years but could not find them. You see, your mom was my sister.” Aiyana took a deep breath.

​Jessie sat there in shock, her whole world just stopped.

​“There is more, Jessie, you are immortal and so is Harley, and your horse, Indigo.” Before she could say more, John and Bobby we’re firing off questions. Aiyana held up her hands for them to wait, “We will answer all of your questions after we explain, Kiaan please take it from here.”

​Kiaan cleared his throat, “Our heritage goes back thousands of years, we are from the line of immortals, Jessie’s parents were taken by those wishing to ban our kind. In the beginning when God made Adam and Eve, everyone was immortal, until their sin. God was very disappointed in their behavior,  so in another garden of paradise, he made another man and woman, Oeshi and Janus. They did not repeat the sin, we come from their line. This is not written into modern history, but it was known in times long ago. Merlin, King Arthur’s wizard is from our line. Oeshi was the beautiful Native woman that Janus spent his life with, they are still alive today, some say, waiting for God to end the world and take us all home. That may be where we have to go if we can find them, to be safe.”

​Jessie shook her head in disbelief, “Are we in danger of being taken, is that why you are telling us?”

​“Yes, Jessie, unfortunately we are at another time in history that the hunters are active. Jessie, you have special gifts you haven’t even touched. Bobby and John, so do you, Bobby you can perhaps become invisible, John you may be able to control the weather wherever you are, Jessie, you should be very gifted, like your mother was. She had the ability to become  invisible,control the weather, and bilocate, which means being in two places at the same time. Kiaan and I have lived many generations back, yet look 60, none of you will age beyond that either. This is very powerful information, we had to be sure you were mature enough to deal with it, also, the Dark Immortals have been hunting down immortals again, your father and I got word a few days ago that a group of them attacked a family in Spain.” Aiyana looked at the 3 young adults.” Remember Jessie, Harley has always been there to protect you and he has not gotten old. Actually he is a very old soul, he has lived through many generations, he was your mother’s protector. He wasn’t with her that day when she was taken, unfortunately; but His job is to always be with you.”

​“That is a lot to digest, May I still call you Mom?  ​

“Yes, darling, I would not have it any other way.”

“Could we open some wine? I need something to calm my nerves.” Jessie stood up and looked at the woman she thought of as a mother. “

“Great idea, yes! Get two bottles from the wine cellar, the night calls for a toast.” 

Bobby looked at his dad, “We need to find out what our talents are and practice, but what can you and mom do?”

​“First of all, I can control the weather and your mom has the talent to bilocate, and be invisible.  We haven’t had to use our talents  in many years, but the time is coming and the immortal Dark Soldiers that turned away from God are trying to kill us off. That way they can bring all the evil into the world and rule it.”  Kiaan opened a bottle of wine Jessie had handed to him. 

​After the wine was finished and questions answered, Jessie said good night,  and drove back to her log cabin with Harley. The family owned 100 acres, so her two  “Brothers”  had homes of their own on the property too. Jessie couldn’t stop thinking  about what her parents had told them tonight. Unbelievable! She wasn’t their blood daughter! What was my mother like, Harley? 

Harley looked at her and she mentaly heard his thoughts! She was beautiful, like you, very kind, everyone loved her. She was Aiyana’s younger sister. 

Jessie slammed on the brakes, she just heard her dog’s thoughts! She looked at Harley and he panted, then he looked out the window and started barking! Jessie looked out at what Harley was barking at, she opened the door and he took off. Jessie jumped out of her Jeep to follow him, but FROZE! Two men were running out of her back door!

A yes or no for the direction of this story.

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