My whole life was just swept away underneath me, it will be a time before I can write again. My music sits beside me untouched. My heart is broken, my life is changed. Not that my life was perfect before but it has had a tragic change. I try every day to wake up and start the day, my animals are my saving grace. I’m going to have to say goodbye to my farm, our dream. I can’t take care of it or live with little money. I’m going to have to sell it and move far away. Live in a new area, with new people, with lots of land, a gorgeous house, safe for my animals, and hopefully friends near by. Change is so hard, but I have done this all of my life, growing up in a military family. So, the next chapter in my life is going to come soon. I am sure God will give me some surprises, and I await meeting new friends. A live off the grid, self sufficient, I will have time to think and maybe write again and play music.

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