Jessie Skywalker and the Shadow Wolves

Book 1

Jessie and Harley pulled in front of their work, a log cabin owned by her family. They walked inside and were greeted by Jessie’s parents, and her two brothers. Harley walked over and plopped down on the floor next to Robert,  Jessie’s dad. Her dad gave the German Shepherd a pat on the head, he in turn licked his hand.

    “Good morning,” Jessie said as she pulled off her leather jacket, placing it on a wooden chair. She walked over and poured herself a cup of coffee.

    “Good morning sweetheart,” her mother said while walking over and giving her daughter a kiss on the cheek. 

    “Why all the glum faces,” Jessie whispered to her mother? 

    “I’ll let your dad tell you, let’s go over and join the men. It’s serious news.” Mrs. Skywaler said. 

    Jessie shrugged and followed her mom, sitting next to her oldest brother, Bobby, “Morning bro.”

    “Morning little sis,” Bobby put his arm around her. 

    “Morning offered her dad, her other older brother John, and the only non-family member of the team, James.

    “Let’s get to business,” her father stated, pulling down the screen and starting the recorder. “I got this late last night from President Trump’s team, it’s a dangerous assignment, but we could be saving America, if not the world, with the knowledge you will find.”

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