A first chapter of my new book:
WOOF! WOOF!!! “Jackie Lee run!” Casey was urging me to follow her, I was trying to get a look at the guy chasing us.
Good grief, couldn’t we just ever have fun and not be chased? It didn’t look that way. The next thing I felt was an arrow bounce off my armor. I barked at Casey.
She looked down at me, “Are you ok boy?” Before I could muster a bark, Casey was hit in the back with an arrow and fell. I turned around and tried to fight off the interlopers. They sprayed me with pepper spray and I passed out, but not before I saw them carry Casey off. When I came too, Peter was trying to get me up.
“What happened boy? Where’s Casey?” I opened my eyes slowly and tried to get up. I couldn’t look at Peter everything was bleary. I was a bit wobbly too, but I joined T.J. In sniffing Casey’s trail. Peter walked behind us…..we ended up by a cave in the mountains of the Pyrenees, we were in France, staying in the Mid-Pyrenees. The name of the cave was Pech Merle, it was said you could travel to the center of the earth through this cave. We weren’t in the part where it cost $175 dollars to enter, we were in the free part. In the other part, there were prehistoric paintings on the walls. I hoped Casey wasn’t in the center of the earth! We were here to talk to a dealer of carnival horses, I had a bad feeling this was related with our last mystery, not the horses in our basement; I certainly hoped I was wrong.
Peter said he was going to investigate the cave, then looked at us, “Boys, stay here, I’m going in. I’ll call if I need you, guard the opening.” Then Peter bent over, because the opening wasn’t very tall, and disappeared.
T.J. Looked at me, what happened?


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