Aulps Abbey
Local nameAbbaye Sainte-Marie-d’Aulps
LocationSaint-Jean-d’Aulps, France
Aulps Abbey is a former Cistercian monastery located at an altitude of 810 metres in the village of Saint-Jean-d’Aulps in the Aulps Valley, Haute-Savoie, French Alps. It is 7 km from Morzine, 25 km from Thonon and 60 km from Geneva.

Aulps Abbey was a major Cistercian site in the Haute Savoie region for almost seven hundred years, from its foundation in the 1090s to its suppression in 1793. The church was partially destroyed in 1823 for its stones, but the superb 13th century façade

rem standing.


Sorry the link didn’t work for the video.


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