I changed my website today for it to be easier for my books to be shown. It’s been a nightmare. It’s almost midnight, my parrot is staring at me like lets go to bed, my dog is snoring, she gave up. I still can’t log into half of my accounts, I have a twitter feed from a year ago but can’t log into twitter. I should have stuck to writing today and left this alone. I wish there was a refresh button. LOl. I want to start an email list for updates but can’t on this WordPress account even though I pay for it yearly. So, I have a calendar I have added and I will put events up there. Thank you for those of you that have followed me through the years. I will improve my web site through trial and error. My books are finally edited and formatted correctly and I’m ready to go. I’m off to Europe, so I will have many fresh photos and ideas for my new books. Sweet dreams……

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