The Traveling Peacock


Henry the Peacock wanted a new life. He lived in a dump with some other big birds.

One dark night Henry saw a chance to break out and run away.

A Pheasant saw Henry escaping and followed him.

Henry slipped through the hole in the fence. Henry looked up. He smelled the clean air.

He looked both ways, where should I go Henry wondered?

Henry was surprised when Sally the Pheasant snuck up behind him. Henry turned, Shh, he said.

Sally nodded her head, she was frightened, they had to hurry before they got caught.

Suddenly there was a shout in the yard!

“Everyone be quiet!” The man slammed the door and went back inside his house.

The birds quieted down for the night. Henry thought that he would have to come back and get them.

Once he found a better life.

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