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Chronicles of an Energy Knight

The Old Knight and The New Knight

A Knight quietly sat on a grassy ledge of earth, overlooking the water of a great lake. The day was foggy, and grey clouds covered the sky, but did not even start to obscure the great pine-clad mountains on the other side of the water. The trees were still and proud behind him, their stillness only broken by tents of red, and banners of bloody heraldry. Horses waited patiently by the tents, munching contentedly on the fine grass.The sounds of men in armor talking, barely broke the silence of the forest, and the rain gently falling created an aura of solitude for the lone Knight on the ledge

If you just looked at him, he would seem a mere statue, forever watching the water, a sword and helmet by his side, a silent defender of the great forest and lake.

But if you…

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