Month: May 2016


Jackie Lee wishes everyone a safe Memorial Day Weekend


Jackie Lee and the St. Moritz Mystery

Three weeks of school left, Jackie Lee is excited! Casey Lane can finish the mystery now that they are entangled in. What will happen to the horses that are missing? Why did the couple end up murdered? Ohhhh, many questions…


Good night from all of us to you.


The Mystery of St. Moritz and Jackie Lee

Destiny wishes all of you a great night. Jackie lee is busy in his new mystery. He told Casey Lane no more flying until someone gets control of the flights. No one needs to die flying from a plane that will explode and kill you. Night….

Another flight missing like in the Russian Spy!


When we were friends….


Jackie Lee calls for a revolution

Jackie Lee was almost killed, well not really, but Casey Lane and Jackie Lee thought he was. Being caught in a net and among horse thieves was overwhelming. Then they found two dead bodies!!!


Jackie Lee the GSD votes for Trump!!!

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