Month: October 2015

Jackie Lee says good night. He prays for all of his fans every night. Good night…….

Jackie Lee is being re-edited after PDF took out words. He’s helplessly unhappy. Let’s cheer him up! Jackie Lee is a really cool GSD.

Jackie Lee’s new adventure in Switzerland!

It was pitch black, the building we were in was on fire, the door was jarred or something because we couldn’t get out. There was a sound! “Casey, Jackie Lee!!! Are you in there? Can you answer if you are?”

Jackie Lee is hot into another mystery!!!! He can’t wait for me to catch up with him, whew!

Out soon, They Mystery of Sandy Island.

The Mystery of Sandy Island now in review!!!!!!

The Mystery of Sandy Island

Three people are reading it now to give a final go over. I’m excited….

The Mystery of Sandy Island is edited!!!!!!!!!!!! OUT SOON!!!!!

‘When I see your face and hear your voice I remember the times we shared and the life we lived if you could only remember me?” Casey said to no one, but I heard her. She will move on and our new adventure is under way!!!!

Cargo ship is gone from sight in Bermuda Triangle! Jackie Lee needs to help find them! He’s horrified this happened!

I need a good one liner for The Mystery of Sandy Island

Plus if I put it up on Kindle Scout will I get enough votes?? Any ideas???


Should I put this into Kindle Scout? If I get enough votes they will publish it in kindle and audio! Plus pay me a commission up front and 50% of each sale after. I need feedback. Thank you.

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