New Jackie Lee GSD Adventure in Switzerland

“Jackie Lee, come here boy, let me take your scarf off.” Casey reached down and untied my scarf, and then she took her water bottle and doused it with water. After that she tied it over my nose and behind my head. It made the breathing a bit easier. She then did the same for herself.

It was pitch black, the building we were in was on fire, the door was jarred or something because we couldn’t get out.

There was a sound!

“Casey, Jackie Lee!!! Are you in there? Can you answer if you are?”

Casey looked at me, “It’s Pete and T.J., and they found us!”

“Peter, here we are!!!!” Casey yelled, then she grabbed my harness and we stumbled towards his voice.

Pete was hammering the wall; he finally broke a hole in it, and then tore the wood away. He stepped in with T.J. in front and shined a flashlight on us.

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