Jackie Lee the GSD was born in Germany. Casey Lane found him on the Internet and made a connection with the breeder. It would take her years before she finally bought a German Shepherd.

When he arrived, she drove to Seattle and waited for him to clear inspection. The minute she saw him her heart was stolen. Jackie Lee felt the same about Casey.

She scooped him in her arms and drove him to Anacortes, then an hour ferry ride home to Friday Harbor.

Casey had just come into some money, losing her family in a plane crash over Russia. She was all alone and moved to from Hawaii to Friday Harbor. She just needed a change of life. She ended up buying a 1914 Craftsman in down town Friday Harbor. She didn’t need to work, so decided what she wanted to do. She liked mystery’s so decided to get into detective work. After some classes in Seattle and a license she was set to go. She had also started dating a young police officer named Steve. Together they would talk about cases around the world. Casey decided she needed a partner, so she adopted Jackie Lee.

That is where their story begins, but will be forever before it ends……..

Check out The Mystery of Sandy Island and their first appearance in a Sophia mystery called “Sophia and the Dragon.”

Jackie Lee has turned out to be a fantastic dog, he is actually the main character in their latest adventure.

Be sure to check them out…….

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