Month: June 2015

July 4th – July 11th Big Kindle Sale!!!!!!! Sophia and the Stradivarius Kindle .99 Sophia and the Dragon Kindle .99 Kanani’s Golden Caves Kindle  FREE The Russian Spy  Kindle .99 The Adventures of Sophia and Kanani Three Adventures in one action packed book. Kindle   3.99

The Mystery of Sandy Island……..A Jackie Lee GSD and Casey Lane Detective Agency Mystery

“Jackie Lee! We’re on a run away train! Our flight out of the plane has gone viral! Will we ever get back?” I know you don’t understand me and think I’m barking but, if we don’t get back maybe someone of our readers will save us?

The Mystery of Sandy Island……A Jackie Lee GSD Mystery

I froze and turned sideways so Casey couldn’t pass by me. “What is it Jackie Lee? Casey whispered. A big big snake up in the tree to the right! Right then the snake pounced on us, and Casey SCREEMED!!!!!

JULY 4th Book Sale!!!! Runs through July 11th!!

Sophia and Kanani’s Adventures – $3.99 This is all three Sophia books in one. Sophia and the Stradivarius – .99 Sophia and the Dragon – .99 The Russian Spy – .99

The Mystery of Sandy Island……. A Jackie Lee GSD Detective Agency Mystery

That gave me the chills………because right new something dashed through the jungle! I barked and ran into Casey as she stopped. “What is it Jackie Lee?” I whined and looked to our right into the jungle. Casey looked then saw the big cat climbing a tree! “Darn, we aren’t safe. Stay still Jackie, dead still, until it leaves.”

The Case of Sandy Island……. A Jackie Lee GSD Adventure

I think she heard me….. Then Casey stood up and said, “We have had many adventures and the time of our lives doing it Jackie Lee, we don’t know where this one will take us or end. We will need to write new pages in the stories we tell, but remember Kanani and Sophia, Gunther too? Look what they did.” Yes, we have had … Read More The Case of Sandy Island……. A Jackie Lee GSD Adventure

The Mystery of Sandy Island…….A Jackie Lee GSD Mystery

“Casey!” Steve yelled. “Yes, Steve.” She said. “You’re beautiful, I love you, it’s true. Since the first time I saw your face, I don’t know if we will ever be together again, it’s true, but just know that your beautiful and you will go far in life, I will always and forever love you and Jackie Lee, Captain too.” Then Steve turned around with … Read More The Mystery of Sandy Island…….A Jackie Lee GSD Mystery

“It’s True Jackie Lee, I was made for you”

Jackie Lee the GSD was born in Germany. Casey Lane found him on the Internet and made a connection with the breeder. It would take her years before she finally bought a German Shepherd. When he arrived, she drove to Seattle and waited for him to clear inspection. The minute she saw him her heart was stolen. Jackie Lee felt the same about Casey. … Read More “It’s True Jackie Lee, I was made for you”

The Mystery of Sandy Island A Casey Lane and Jackie Lee GSD Detective Agency Mystery

This time I had a strange feeling, I hoped we wouldn’t regret this adventure. As we got out over the Bermuda Triangle the wind was howling, green lights started glowing and the next thing I knew the plane was rattling and falling apart!!!!!!

Casey Lane and Jackie Lee GSD Detective Agency The Mystery of Sandy Island

“Good boy Jackie Lee, that bad man could have come into our room, but you saved me.” I know Casey, wish I could’ve gotten him. I thumped my tail

Jackie Lee the GSD

“Remember this Jackie Lee, we have hope in our hearts and love in our lives; we must carry on.” Casey said. I just wagged my tail and gave her a high five. No matter how much of a predicament we are in, we have each other and God.

Wow, another series?

“Let me go tell him what we have planned.” John said as he let go of my hand. “Ok, it’s the only way.” I said. John approached the General. “Sir,” John saluted. “Yes, John, at ease. What do you have to say?” The General asked looking up from his map. John told him of our plan. The General looked up at me, then said, … Read More Wow, another series?

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