Sara had come back with towels, water and some rice she had cooked for dinner.

She spoon-fed him while I cleaned him off the best I could.

“He isn’t very old, is he?” I asked her.

“No, he couldn’t be older than a year old I would think.” Sara said.

“I agree, what would make a person hurt a poor animal so badly? This poor boy would have been dead if all of us had not been here. It makes me sick, this guy can not get him back, ever!”

“I agree with you, can you take him? We are just too old and I have a cat, we’re traveling around, we just couldn’t take him,” she said.

“Jackie Lee what do you think boy? Would you mind if we took him? We’re going to see John in Montana, it would be a good place for him if he can’t stay with us.”

There is no if here Casey Lane, I’m not leaving this young fella to the wolves. We’re taking him.

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