We made it to the end of the campsite and there was a horrible commotion going on and I heard a dog whimpering. Jackie heard it first and tore his leash out of my hands.

When I got there Jackie had the guy pinned on the ground in kill mode. I saw a poor German shepherd limping around and crying.

Another man came running over with a baseball bat.

“I heard this poor dog crying and the man beating him telling him he was going to kill him. This poor dog has been tied up inside that motor home for over fourteen hours.” He turned away from me and opened the door to the camper.

“There’s no water or food in here and the poor dog messed everywhere.” He grabbed his cell phone and called 911.

I ran over to the dog.

“Come here boy,” I called.

He crawled over to me and whimpered. He was hot, thin and his coat was matted with blood all over. My heart was broken.

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