On Tuesday, August 12, 2014 8:35 AM, ”

from Our Lady to Ivan – A Visionary at Medjugore

We are asked to stop at 6.30pm every day and say three Hail Marys – how easy it this!!??
Our Mother has assisted us in the past and is waiting for us now!
Thanks for accepting this request, God bless us all !!

Urgent Message from Our Lady to Ivan – A Visionary at Medjugorje

Urgent to all.
To Ivan of Medjugorje.
The war in the Middle East will become serious and will spread throughout the world.
To stop it, the entire world must pray every minute and fast.
The priests must open the doors of their churches and invite the people to pray the rosary and pray intensely.
Pray, pray, pray.
Send this message throughout the world and above all, put it to practice.
Every day at 6:30 PM, wherever you may be in the world, stop everything and pray 3 times the Hail Mary.
Its urgent!
The war is very near.
Let’s send this msg. to all we know around the world and put it into practice.
Pray, pray, pray!

Email sent from Fr Martin Mamo OFMCap.

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