Chapter 19
We listened, there were voices. We walked quietly a few feet ahead and looked through the bushes. Rick flashed his light ahead of us. We saw a compound surrounded by barbed wire. Outside was a young boy, it looked like he was trying to get out. We finally got his attention and told him to be quiet. as we approached the fence. We asked if he spoke English, he did, then we asked his name.
“I’m Eric, I’m sure they killed my mom and dad. They led a bunch of them away after letting some Chinese men go. My little sister is inside right now with the people left alive. We think they shot most of the adults.”
I was sick to my stomach. “They killed people?” I asked?
“Yes, can you get us out? Who are you?” Asked Eric.
“I’m Rick and the is Ranger. We’ll explain who we are after we get you and your sister to safety, right now just know that we are the good people.”

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