Jesse and I had seat J and L in the 61st row, Rick had seat C in row 60. Everyone was boarded and they closed the doors. People were chatting about this and that, I realized I was holding my breathe with anticipation.
One half hour into the flight Rick made his move, so I grabbed Jesse’s leash and and made mine. We met behind the lavatories behind row 62. Without saying anything, Rick pulled up the hatch and I lowered myself into it, next he handed Jesse to me and then followed behind. Rick closed the hatch, my feet were on the floor and I helped Jesse land safely. Rick had jammed the door so the pilots or no one else could come down to this compartment.
“The airline helped us make this mission possible, Ranger.”
“Why would Russian Airlines help Americans?” I asked him quietly.
“We worked out a deal with them, they won’t be ruined if this plane goes missing or crashes, I don’t have the contract, Mike has it back at the hideout in Moscow. Come on let me get you in your station.” I followed Rick back to a desk.
“Sit down Ranger, Jesse go under the desk.”
I did as I was told and so did Jesse. There was a bed under the desk for him and a water bowl. He would be fine for now.
Rick turned on the computer, it had a program on it connected to Jackie back on the ground. Jackie appeared on the screen.
“Hi guys, I see you made it where your supposed to be.” Jackie said.
We had earphones on.
“Yes we did.” Rick said.
“Be careful,” Jackie said.
“We intend to, ok I’m handing the computer over to Ranger.” He put his earphones down.
“Keep in touch with Jackie on this screen.” He opened another window, “Keep watch on what goes on upstairs from here. I’m going to sit in a bit farther forward in this cabin, we can still see each other but I’m going to monitor the cock pit and the air tanks, so when the cabin is depressurized the people will have plenty of air., if that is the intention of the captain.”
“Ok,” What else could I say.
It was about an hour into the flight, the plane started going higher.
“Rick, the plane is gaining altitude.”
“I see that, I’m starting to turn on the air tanks, we will be ok down here so don’t worry.”
“Ok, let me communicate with Jackie and see that she knows.” I got on the other screen.
“We’re gaining altitude, you guys were right about this.” I said.
“Thank you, Ranger.” She said.
People were getting panicked up above. I saw the oxygen masks falling down and people grabbing them.
Rick motioned at me, I got up and went over to him.
“The captain just turned off the communication switch in the cabin. We are right on schedule. How are you and Jesse doing?” Rick asked.
“We’re fine,” I was stunned that the captain was really doing something like this. “I’d better get back to Jesse.” I said hurrying away.
Up above people were breathing through masks, I prayed this worked and no one died.
After fourth-five minutes of this the plane made a sudden turn to the left and started deciding.
“Rick, what now?” I asked.
“Stay put, Ranger, let Jackie know.”
I got on the the other screen.
“Jackie are you there?” I asked.
She appeared.
“What’s up Ranger?” she asked
“The plane just made a sharp left turn and now were are descending.”
“Ok, Mike and Jack are looking at the maps. There’s lots of island, it could be anyone of them.
“Ranger tell Rick that the plane is heading into the Andaman Islands. There are many islands in this area. It’s imperative if they crash the plane or land it that you don’t let this computer out of your site and stay in touch with us. You have relay that to my stubborn husband.”
“Right away Madam.” I told her laughing.
“Rick, I have direct orders to tell you not to lose communication with Jackie. We are heading into the Andaman Islands is what Mike and Jack are thinking.”
“Ok, thank you Ranger. The pilot and co-pilot are talking, I’m trying to make out what they are saying. I’ll be right back to you. Over.” Rick said.
“Jackie, I relayed your message.”
“Good, thank you dear.” she said.
We flew for seven more hours then all of a sudden the plane started descending, the landing gear was down and we were going down.


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