I love writing, I just need the time to do it. Not too long and school will be out for the summer. Hopefully Ranger will be on his mission and come out of it alive! Kanani’s Golden Caves is now .99 for a few more days, then Sophia and the Stradivarius will go up for .99 for a week. I have a story to research and work on. It’s the story of a family member. The man died many years ago with many secrets. After his wife’s death papers, letters and photos were found in the attic. He was apparently a spy for England during WW2. When he retired he told his wife he worked at the railroad! This is an intriguing story that I need to get more facts on and make it fiction based on truth. My spring break is almost over, it’s been wonderful!!!
Have a good evening everyone! I’m going to spend some time with my German Shepherds and parrot now.

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