“Some of the risks are that the pilot will depress the air in the cabin and everyone will die. We have put special air tanks into this plane, there is room underneath and we have air tanks, a computer, and whatever is needed for survival under there. We have decided that you, Ranger, Jesse and Rick will board that plane. You will be situated in the rear and be adjacent to one another. There is a latch in the back by the restrooms to go underneath the plane. We believe the pilot, co-pilot and some of the stewardesses on this flight are in the plan.”
“Ok, what’s the plan for the plane and people?” I asked eagerly.
Colonel Mark answered, “We believe the plane will be taken to Pakistan or an island that Ron, the spy has purchased, with all passengers on board to be held hostage. The spy’s on board will be forced to reveal their secrets.”
“Um, what secrets?” I asked.
“The secrets they were kicked out of the United States for after stealing them from us.” Colonel Mark said grimly.
My heart felt heavy, this was really more than a teenager should have to do. However, my curiosity was aroused. How could I save these people, help my country and get out alive?


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