Ranger is going to go on a great adventure. Sophia is going to get married and John her lost husband will be found. There is so much going on, I know they will survive. However, the adventures will be exciting. I love writing, my characters talk to me in my dreams and when I walk my German Shepherds. My students give me ideas to build on. I feel so blessed to be able to put my characters in print. Many years ago when I was an English Major in Ashland, Oregon I dreamed of writing books. Guess what! The computer was not invented! I had a typewriter and I typed away all night with stories. I want to thank all of you that are following me, it gives me the support to try and go on. My kids at school have put holds on my books, which is awesome for me that high schoolers can love these books that are so innocent. May God bless all of you, Jackielee and Casey Lane, Sophia, Kanani and Gunther wish all of you a happy safe blessed night and a fantastic blessed Thursday.Image

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