Chapter 16

When we were getting close to our apartment I noticed we had someone outside our door. I got out my gun and told Jesse to stay close. As we got closer I saw to my amazement that it was Rick and Jackie!

“Hey it’s great to see you guys!” I shouted as I waved at them and ran, Jesse keeping by my side.

“Hi Ranger! It’s great to see you too!” Shouted Rick running to meet me. Jackie stayed where she was and shouted, “hi Ranger, we’ve missed you!”

“I’ve missed you guys too!” I shouted back to both of them.

“Well we heard about your adventure and Jesse too. Hi boy,” he said petting Jesse’s head.

“What brings you here?” I asked.
“Let’s go inside and have a chat,” said Rick.
“Ok, look there’s Colonel Mark coming our way.”
Rick turned and looked. “Yes, we need to talk. Come on Jackie can’t wait

to get her arms around you.” He talked to me as we approved Jackie and Colonel Mark.

“I missed you so much!” Jackie was hugging me and Jesse was pawing her for attention. She looked down at him.

“Hi boy, Ranger always wanted a German Shepherd.” He wagged his tail and grinned.
“Well, he’s on loan, he isn’t mine.” I told her grimly. “No worries, enjoy him while you can.” she said. “Shall we go in?” asked Colonel Mark.

“Yes,” I took out my key after I untangled myself from Jackie.

All of us entered, I noticed Colonel Mark locked the door after us. We sat down at a little table. Jackie got up and thumbed through the cabinets finding tea.

“Anyone up for some tea?” she asked.
“Yes,” everyone replied.
“Ok, coming right up.” She put on the hot water and sat down next to me. “We’re glad that you are looking so good. Hows that leg, heard you took

a bullet?” asked Rick.
“It’s healed pretty much, just tender to the touch.” I said as I reached

down and felt my leg.
“Good, because Ron has surfaced again in another venue. He must be

stopped, the Soviets must be stopped. That is if it’s the Soviets or just Ron and his crew forming there own agenda.” Rick continued. “We’re pulling you out of the Olympics and tonight we’re flying to Moscow. We have arrangements made in a hotel there. Let’s go over the plans.” he pulled out a timeline of events and a map. 

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