Colonel Mark pointed for me to look out the window. We were entering the Krasnodar Krai and we could see the Black Sea ahead of us.

         “Before I forget here’s some things you will need.” he handed me a backpack. I looked inside.

         Pulling out a device I asked, “How do I use this?”

         “That is a wireless earpeace, it will hook up to the iphone and you can turn on a switch before inserting around your ear. This will enable you to hear conversations across a room. You and Jesse stick together and call me everyday. We’ll be just outside the village in a camper setting up surveillance. You will be our eyes and ears where we couldn’t go.”

         “I never wanted to be a spy but I don’t think I have a choice, do I?” I asked him.

         “Not really Ranger.”

The helicopter landed and Colonel’s Jeff and Mark jumped out, Jesse and I followed. We got into a jeep and they drove us to the entrance of the village.

         “You need to go into the office and get your pass and room key and food card for you and Jesse. Then walk around and get familiar with the town and people running the shops. I’ll check in with you tonight so be sure to answer your phone.” He patted me on the back. “Good luck young man. Bye Jesse.” He scratched Jesse behind the ears.

I grabbed Jesse’s leash and threw the bag over my right shoulder, reached into my right pocket and touched my gun. With confidence I walked up to the office, opened the door and walked in. There was a line so we got in it. An hour later we were out of there.

         “Come on Jesse lets go explore the town and find our room. Then we can get some chow.” Jesse wagged his tail and walked by my side. We showed our passes and got into the Olympic village. The first thing we saw was a bakery, I looked at Jesse. “Want a snack boy?” I asked him.


         “That’s good enough for me boy.” I grabbed the door and opened it. Jesse had his vest on I was hoping we could get him in. So we both walked in.

         “Hi,” said the man behind the counter. He was of medium height, short blond hair and muscular. He walked from behind the counter and stuck out his hand.

         “I’m Mike,” he said. “Who’s this handsome fellow?” He bent over and gave Jesse a scratch behind his ears.

         “This is Jesse, I’m Ranger; we just got here and saw your shop. We’ve been traveling all day and both of us are hungry.”

         “Well I have some good chicken stew and homemade bread.”

         “That sounds great,” I said pulling out our food cards. These cards gave us carte blanche to eat in any of the restaurants, but I needed to try and eat in the mess hall too. I looked around; it was a tiny place but clean looking. There were six tables; I walked over to the one by the windows facing the door. Jesse sat down at my feet.   

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