John put the phone down. He had a lot to think about.

He poured himself another glass of wine and went back outside to drink it. The temperature was still warm and the sun had set. It was so nice to be here after where he had been all of these years. The world and Sophia thought he was dead, was he too late to go find her? Would it be fair to her? He was thinking it was better for him to maybe live alone. He was a different man now, he had seen so much horror. Then the camp the men had been drug off to was inhumane for a dog to be kept like that. Speaking of which, he slapped his knee. “That’s it, I need a dog. If this doesn’t work out with Sophie and Kanani I’m getting one.” He stood up and went back inside of the house. He decided to find the guest room and sleep there. He felt odd going to Sophia and his room without her know he was alive and at the house. He got ready for bed and thought for a long while, then sleep overcame him. Something woke him up. He got out of bed and turned on the lamp next to him. He listened, what had awakened him? Was it just a dream? He decided to turn off the light and try to go back to sleep. He tossed and turned then just gave up and jumped into the shower. Afterwards he grabbed the cell phone, found keys to the vehicles outside and decided to go into Luxembourg for some breakfast. He drove around the town, things looked different but they were coming back to him. He decided on a café, so found a parking spot nearby. People were looking at him a bit strangely, maybe it was just his imagination. He sat down at a table and ordered a breakfast of poached eggs, whole wheat toast and sausage, then enjoyed his coffee reading the paper. He was sitting outside in the café and he couldn’t help but hear the different conversations around him. Then something got his attention and he put his paper down to listen.

            “We’re going to Camelot in two weeks for a vacation. This is so exciting that we can actually buy tickets for a trip there.” the woman said.

            “It’s about time something like this is possible. I hope you don’t like it so much that you will want to move there. We couldn’t afford the visa’s right now honey.” said the man.

            The conversation went on and on. What John got from this conversation was that he could buy a ticket for a month’s visit or pay a huge fee and get a visa for a year, then every year come back and renew it. This definitely had the fingerprints of Sophia all over it. He couldn’t wait to find her! He picked up his phone and called Mike in Hawaii.

            After hanging up he paid his bill, drove to the airport and booked a flight out that night to Hawaii from Luxembourg.



Meanwhile big things were happening in Camelot.


            “Sophia this is the night Lamorak is going to ask you  for your hand in marriage. He’s waited ten years, you told him ten years you had to wait to marry. John has not returned, so tonight you say yes when he asks. That poor man has waited so long for you agree to this. He loves you so much, the two of you are such a great couple when you’re together.” Jennie was giving Sophia a big sisterly talk.

            “I know I know,” said Sophia, “I’m putting on my blue dress he loves to much. Kanani and Jackie Lee have had baths, I want them to be clean and look nice tonight too. We’re going to have such a fun time at the party King Arthur is giving us in the castle. Even Gunther and the dragons will be there! You’d better get ready Jennie. I’ll meet you there, Lamorak is picking me up in an hour. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. I know after all this time I’m not making a mistake.”

            “Ok, little sister, see you tonight.” Jennie got up and hugged her then left. Sophia continued getting ready, more emotionally than physically. She still had her long blond hair, she had kept her weight down. Well really they were eating much healthier food here than back in her time. Everything was from the earth, lot’s of root vegetables and good wine. She had already fed the dogs but knew they would get some scraps tonight. Everyone loved Kanani and Jackie Lee; they led pretty good lives. By day they played in the lake with Gunther and ran throughout Camelot. They were in the classroom with her when she was teaching, they went everywhere with her and they loved Lamorak. She was so excited for tonight. This was the night she was going to say yes to Lamorak. She waited over ten years to remarry, it’s actually been twelve years since John’s death, Sophia thought.


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