He started reading.


            My dearest,

            If you ever return, if it’s possible, I was informed all of you were lost and we had a funeral in DC with full colors for all of you. I gave the other widows money for their children’s college, I knew it would be harder for them raising their children on their own.

            Grandpa is now with us in Cornwall, the only difference is that we are in the year 1290 of Our Lord. Grandpa is now our Catholic Priest, I run a school along with Jennie, my sister and Susan. Leila is a young lady now and helps me teach the violin to students. She has met a nice young knight and comes back to Luxembourg quite often. Once a year I make it back and leave a new letter for you incase you have returned. As of now I have not remarried but after eleven years being widowed I just might remarry next year if you have not returned to me. Kanani is now twelve and we have a new puppy from Germany. I have named him Jackie Lee after a friend of mine’s German Shepherd Dog. Kanani treats him like her own. I also have a friend named Gunther, he is thirteen and a dragon. Use this phone if you come home, we will come for you and show you back into our time. I can’t leave here, it’s become our home. I have Susan, Kimo, Jennie, Richard, Kanani, Jackie Lee, Gunther and many others as family. I’m friends with King Arthur, and many more as well. It’s been a long time so I don’t really expect a miracle this far down the road. Just know that I have always loved you and prayed for your safe return from the war.


Love Always,


            John dropped the letter and sat down. He had to reread it comprehend what Sophia had just told said. She came over once a year after all these years, thirteen to be exact to leave him a letter incase he was alive. Oh if she only knew what he and the others had lived through. He got up and looked in the fridge, to his surprise there was a bottle of wine in there with a tag saying welcome home John, he decided to take it out and open it. He poured himself a glass after locating the opener, and took it outside to the porch. It was early summer and the sun was just setting. It was too quiet here without Sophia and Kanani. Did he really want to live in Camelot? He was from this time, he just survived hell. He just couldn’t make that decision. Perhaps Sophia had remarried since this letter was left. He went back in and picked up the letter again, it was dated January 1, 2023/1190. It was 2024 and June, she hadn’t come back this year and left him a new letter. He decided he should call his hotel in Hawaii and see if he still owned it. The only phone was the cell phone on the counter, he picked it up and dialed the number he knew by heart. He got ahold of the front office and they put him through to the manager, it was still Mike his old friend.

            “Hello this Mike, how can I help you?”

            “Mike, I called to see what was new, this is John.”

            There was silence.

            “Hold on, John is this really you? I thought you were killed on that mission ten years ago in Afghan! Does Sophie know? Where are you?”

            “Ok, take a deep breath Mike. Yes, it’s me John, I just walked into the Luxembourg house. No, I have not spoken to Sophie. You’re the first person I’ve talked to.”

            “Well you know she lives in England now. I’ve wanted to go visit her but could never get a hold of her.” Mike said. “Maybe you should come here before you go see her and then I can go with you to England to break the news! That sounds like fun.” Mike was getting excited.

            “Slow down my friend. Let sleep it on and I’ll call you tomorrow.” John was getting tired.

            “Ok, I’ll wait until noon. Give me a number and I’ll call you.”

            “Let me look at the phone number.” John pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it. There wasn’t a number. “There isn’t a number on it. I’ll call you when I get up in the morning my friend.”

            “Ok, John. You get some rest and we’ll catch up tomorrow.” Then he hung up.

            John put the phone down. He had a lot to think about.


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