Continuation of Sophia and the Dragon

The man got out of the cab, paid the driver and looked at the house he used to live in. He wondered if anyone was home, it was two stories made of stone. He looked around the grounds, it needed mowing. The place looked deserted, he wondered where everyone was. He didn’t want to give anyone a shock when they saw him.

He approached the house and knocked on the door. There was no answer, so he went over to the flower pot and moved the plant. There was a small hole with a cover, he pulled on the hook. It was snug but finally came off, he would have to fix that. He was relieved a key was still there, and pulled it out. He stood up, brushing off the dirt on his knees and put the key into the lock. He heard a click and reached for the knob, turning it to open the door. He stepped inside, it was quiet, no barking or voices, he reached for the switch and flipped the switch. The light came on above him, he looked at the hanging chandelier. It threw a shadow through the hallway. He walked into the kitchen, repeating turning on the lights. He saw a strange cell phone sitting on an envelope. He moved the phone and looked at the envelope. It had his name on it, he ripped it open, his great beating fast. He started reading.

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